Baby 3

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Dasanii POV

"Rapper Yg baby mother Kenya Klay killed in hospital , kidnapper tried to take the baby but was stopped by sercurity guard but still got away , the baby is safe and now in custody with father , police is still looking "

I looked over at G looking at his baby boy in the incubator , he looked so lost and tired with all of this going on things were taking a toll on him . nobody was expecting his baby mother to die so soon or even have him right now thank God he is fine . who ever did this had to be after her or G cause he tried to take the baby , thankfully Love is here with us , if something was to happen to him I know that would of sent G over the edge

"He looks like you"I said breaking the silence

"Yea he does" he made a small smirk then it dropped "I-i iont want him to drift us apart Sanii"

I frowned not even knowing where this was coming from

"G where you getting this from ?"

"I know somewhere inside you feeling resentment , but you can't make me choose , I'll always choose my kids sani, all I can say is that I'm sorry"

I rolled my eyes sitting back not saying anything , I would never make G choose between me and his son what kind of women would I be if anything I'll be willing to step in and raise him as my own . what type of bitch do he take me for ?

Still We are not together , I don't even know if we ever gon get back together , do I even want to ? I love him yes I always will but this is not even a priority in my life right now . my parents still has me on the block list , I'm out of work , I'm having a baby , ect. Me not G is not on my list

There was a knock on the door , looking up , Sharay came in

"G , look at him"she cooed standing over the baby " I'm so so so sorry about Kenya I know you loved her"

I know she was starting her messy shit and I ain't got time for it , what she come up here for I don't know . I ain't say nothing tho I let it rock , he can love anybody he want it's a free country


"If there's anything you need I'm here to help"

This bitch , she aggy as Fuck and playing the Fuck out herself . Again why is she here ?

"Why are you here?"I asked politely they both looked at me , G shook his head I ain't give ad though I want her to answer my question

She rolled her eyes

"If you must know , I just came up here to check on my manager"

I laughed , I see some shit never change , after everything he still went on to manage her

"Right"I said leaving it like that Iont have the energy

Keenon POV

My Son was born man.

Words can't describe how i feel just like when the twins came into my life

I'm happy.

But I can't help to feel sorry for my son having to grow up without a mother. I don't know where sanii's head at and I wouldn't ask her to take on that responsibility

Ima be the best dad I can be fire him and make sure that he knows I love him

That's all I can do

Every since we left the hospital Sanii haven't spoken a word to me and I knew why. If she was still mad at that then she can stay mad I'm not kissing her ass

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