the storm

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I feel like I could have done better 😏😏 I ain't nail it how I wanted to , sorry for the long wait been going through some real shit lately. I wanna think everyone who been with Me since the beginning y'all the real MVP's 😉. The epilogue next and yess there will be a sequel hopefully it will go as planned


Keenon POV

"My baby left meeeee , left me sad and blueeee see iont know what to dooo"

I smiled watching sanii singing all dramatic looking in the mirror. I was admiring her curves and the way she was wining her hips , my boy was twitching watching her

"Without my baby , baby , babyy , then I met his bestfrienddd took me to his house and I said , I saidddd"

She flipped her hair ova her shoulder and started clapping her Ass

"Put it in my mouthhhh -

"Put what in ya mouth ? And who best friend is this ?" I said sneaking up on her

She held her chest being dramatic

"Dammit G you can't do that , I almost had ya son on this floor"

Yup , you heard right we having another boy , a nigga happy , 3 boys and a girl I felt complete but I still want to add a couple more niggas to the Jackson Team

"Yea ard , you in here clapping this Ass"I smacked it and watched it jiggle " you want daddy to put it to work you know I'll do it" I placed a few kisses on her neck and jawline

"Nooo you had me up all last night I'm still sore I had to take two baths this morning"

"Stop bitching and take this dick" I bit her ear" she smacked me

"Stop biting me"

"Stop running when I put this dick in you"I laughed I knew I was making her upset , I kept on about her not being capable of taking Daddy's Dick

"Move don't talk to me nomore"she pushed me getting back into the bed she buried her head under the covers , I laughed harder until I heard sniffles

I knew she was crying , I got in on my side of the bed crawling under the covers

"Buug I was just playing"I wrapped my arms around her and she immediately broke down

I held my laughter rubbing her back I couldn't believe she was really crying like this , ever little thing would tick her off , and lately I think I've been doing it just to laugh this shit is so funny how emotional she is

"Babe calm down , what I do ? , you gon upset the baby "

"Y-you making fun of me"

"I'm sorry baby I'll stop okay I won't do it nomore I promise"

"You always teasing me its not my fault I can't do it right but I try"she sobbed , I got serious

"Sanii it was only a joke baby you pleases me real good , you the best I ever had I promise you I was only playing , plus I love when you run from me I like to chase , stop crying I'm sorry" I wiped her tears

"You forgive me ?" I pecked her lips

She shook her head no

"Why not , I'm sorry"I started kissing all over her face watching her giggle "forgive me"

I started tickling her feet and she went crazy

"G don't fucking touch my feet !"she kicked giggling "stoooop Bitch !"

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