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Hey guys I just wanna let y'all know that Ghost is NOT a new character , one of you got confused and I just wanna make sure everyone is on the same page

Enjoy 🎊🎉

Slim POV

It was midnight when I walked in the house and Deemani wasn't here which was odd , I pulled out my phone and seen I had two missed calls and a voicemail from her calling her back it went straight to voicemail

I stepped out my shoes and headed into the kitchen , making me some chicken cup of noodles a Nigga was hungry As Hell after what I been through today , if it wasn't one thing it was another But we atleast know where this nigga lay his head at now

I know G wanted to make moved right now cause he mad , but we gotta move smart he got too much shit to lose to make one mistake and with his babymomma cutting the Fuck up already we can't afford no mistakes

Taking my noodles out the microwave I poured a lil got sauce in it , I gotta have got sauce it's an major ingredient. I went and sat down on the couch turning on the tv I turned to Power this is my shit

Ghost a real Nigga but the worse thing he could of done was break his family up for a foreign boring detective hoe I wouldn't of done that , then leave my boy . I understand him wanting to get out the game but he know the rules and the ropes to this shit ain't no getting out this shit unless you dead or in jail

I kinda feel bad for tasha she gave up everything to be with him and help him even though that wasn't a smart thing to do . black women don't get enough credit for the shit that they be doing for us they be the ones down for us but we turn around and do them nutty I seen niggas come up and leave they bitch for one of these forgien hoes

Don't get me wrong ain't nothing wrong with em but me personally I won't marry them I'm sorry if you ain't Brown I ain't down , I'll Fuck em all day but I won't commit to them I always said i was gon marry a strong black women and I'm sticking to that

An image of Dee dee popped into my head , I love my baby getting with her was the best thing for ya boy she gotta nigga back and I respect that I'll do anything for that girl , wanting to be in her presence right now I looked at the time it was going on 2 in the morning and she still haven't showed up not called and I was getting worried

I know she wasn't doing a night shift cause she would have called me and if she ain't get through she would have texted me this was unlike for her not to answer my phone calls , I called her several more times

No answer

Turning off the tv I seen car lights flash through the window getting up I went to the door only seeing a red car speed out of the drive . my instincts told me to pull my gun out , I ran onto the sidewalk by then the Car was out of sight , I seen that car before , I felt something was wrong I could feel my heart sink

Running into the house shutting the door behind me I grabbed my phone trying Dee phone again only to get her voicemail , I called Sanii phone no answer , I called g no answer

Grabbing my keys and tucking my 45 back in my jeans I stepped into my all black tombs and headed out the house jumping into my car

Hoping she at Sanii brib I speed off

Keenon POV

I was laying down in bed when Sanii came in and started bothering me with questions

"You mad at me?"she whined I looked up at her and she was pouting I ignored her "keenonnn , I'm sorry you know this is hard for me why cant-

"Shut the Fuck up iont wanna hear that shit go to sleep"

She smacked her teeth

"Why you gotta talk to me like that I said I was sorry"

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