yes Daddy

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Keenon POV

"Didn't I tell you to wait up"I smacked sanii ass "hun"

I had the tip in teasing her , everytime she would try to throw it back I slapped her ass real hard . my hand print was already on her ass cause she don't listen

"Yes" I smacked her ass hard again "I can't hear you"I smacked it for the upteenth time

"Yes Daddy"

I slammed into her making her fall and moan in pleasure I smacked her ass , she winced in pain

"All fours"

She got back on all fours I wrapped her hair around my hand and pulled her head back and to the side slamming my dick into her fast. Her moans echoed threw the room as I slid in and out her I grunted when she tightened her walls around me causing me to deep stroke her

I felt her shaking under me and her juices flowing around my dick

"Ahhh shitttt........"she yelled coming hard

I stroked 4 more times then released my seed into her I layed on my back and she straddled me sliding on my pole


I was downstairs watching the game when Sanii came limping down the steps , she was walking like an old ass lady that needs a cane. She came and tried to sit next to me , she was wincing in pain trying to sit on her butt

"Comere babe" she came between my legs i pulled her on my lap gentley she was still in pain

I began to rub her ass and she relaxed

"I'm sorry buug I ain't mean to make it hurt like that"

"I told you to stop"

"And I told you to listen to daddy she smacked my shoulder and laughed

I kissed her sucking on her bottom lip rubbing her butt I was getting hard again I was about to put my hands in her pants when Ray came into the room

"Hey y'all"

"Wassup"We spoke

"Sanii You think you can take me to my class today?"Ray asked

"I can't do it but G can"

I squeezed her thigh

"Don't do that , you know I can't sit down "

"Ard man , what time ?"I asked Ray


I got up picking Sanii up with me , since she been exercising I can do that now , her waist was getting smaller and her ass was getting fatter by the day and I was loving it

I went upstairs and layed her down and grabbed my keys

"Baby don't take long"

"I'm not you want something to eat while I'm out"

"Yea I want some checkers"


I shut the door and went downstairs

"Come on " I told Ray

We got in the car and pulled off , she reached to turn on my radio I slapped her hand down

"Ouch..."she whined

"Don't touch a man's radio"

"Why not"

"I don't know"I chuckled " just don't do it"

"Mann please , when the next time you going on tour"


"Let me open for you"

"I thought you do hair?"

" I do but I can also sing"

"Bullshit let me hear you"

"What you want me to sing"

"Sing hotline bling"

I listened to her as the words flowed out her mouth
I was shocked cause she actually sound good

"Damn girl you got pipes"

"Thanks , you gon put me on or what?"

"I'll see what I can do"

"You think I can do it tho"she asked

"Yea why?"

"Cause a lot people really don't believe in me"

"Other people opinions shouldnt matter as long as you believe forget what the haters say bet you they gon come around when you shinning"

"Yea you right "

I pulled up in front of the school
And parked

"Thanks for the encouraging words G"Ray said

"No problem , just stay focus"

She smiled and got out of the car. I waited until she was in the building then pulled of heading to checkers to get me and my baby some good.

Dasanii POV

I was on the 3 way with dee and bell we was talking about last night . I decided to bring up what I learned last night

"So dee how was your date with Ace?"I asked

"Girl it was good"

She was lying to me , I know my best friend is hurting right now from being stood up

"What y'all do?"

"We went out to eat , then we came back and chilled at my house"

"Oh okay"

I know it's not my business and I don't wanna put G in it but I am him to tell him to say something to Ace before I do. His ass was out clubbing while my best friend was in the house probably mopping around I know her she probably was drinking and listening to sad love songs crying

Ace ain't shit and if ain't nobody gon to let him know then I will .

"Sanii where G at?"bell asked

"He went to go drop Ray off at school"


"Why you umning"

"Cause I honestly don't trust that girl , Ray cool n all but she ain't Shawnee"

"I know she's Sharay"I rolled my eyes as if she could see me

"I know that smartass all I'm saying is just pay attention that's all"

"Why nee-nee say the same shit y'all tripping"

"If her sister said the same thing then you need to take heed"Dee said

"I know my cousin she ain't gon do shit to hurt me"

"Okay mamas just know I'm here if murder was the case"bell said causing us to laugh

I know my cousin we blood we was raised a certain way .... Loyalty is the way of life even my aunt Mona kids were raised the same way me and Amanda may not like each other but I know I can call her if I have a problem yea she gon talk shit vice versa the situation but we gon be there no doubt

Until I see some funny shit iont wanna hear shit about my Cousin from nobody


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