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"Things to make up for all the games and the lies , hallmark cards saying I apologize"-lil kim

Dasanii POV

Bell and Dee dee was sitting right in front of me , I don't know what's going on between them but I plan to find out them fighting and spitting n shit is straight unruly and childish , we shouldn't be fighting eachother

"So what's the beef?"I asked

"I don't know what the Fuck her problem is , and at this point I don't care to know"Dee said

"Ain't nobody worried about you, stop it"bell said

"Yea I know , that ass whippen must of done you some good"

"Really Dee dee?"

"What!? , Sanii the way she been acting towards everybody been shitty I be Damn if i kiss her ass"

"Nobody ask ya fake ass to , it would be to good for you anyway hoe"

"Never am I a hoe you dumb bitch ! How the Fuck I'm fake .. Please tell me"


"You really mental ! Being friendly doesn't mean I'm fake I was being cordial with the girl only because of G , you act like I was hanging with the bitch going out with her and calling her n shit , I called about the kids and most of the time G answered the phone so Fuck is you talking about get your facts straight kno what being fake is before you throw that shit this way"

"Friendly or not i don't give a Fuck you made that bitch comfortable"

" No get ya muthafuckn mind right G made her ass comfortable and that's why you really made hoe! Calling somebody fake when you the fake one"

I was just watching them go back and forth , the tea was yet to come out it will spill soon I guess but if bell really mad about kenya the only person she should be mad at is G

"Just stop it ! Y'all get on my fucking my nerves with this bickering ova nothing"

I have yet to meet this kenya bitch , she been around my kids and it's only right I meet her plus if i decide to get back with G her BABY is gon to be apart of our family and I don't need no drama surrounding me and my kids

"I'm over it"dee said "but I'm not fucking with you nomore you did the most disrespectful shit ever and if you can do that you can kill me"

"Says the bitch who threw a fucking Vase at my head , being cool with you or not there's no love lost sweetie I can give a Fuck"

"You heard what I said"

"And you heard what the Fuck I said"

"You big mad or lil mad"

"I'm neither I'm unbothered that's what I am"bell swung her hair over her shoulder

"Cheap ass yaki bundles"

"Yea the same bundles your nigga would love to pull on"

"Woahh bell , what the Fuck was that?"I sat there shocked

"My nigga don't even look at you , fatass can't do shit for him but let him ride that big ass back"

I snickered but I swear I didn't mean to , they both are just being ridiculous

"I can do a lot"bell gave a sinister smile

"Like what ? Wrap ya fatass mouth on his fat Ass dick and suck? Cause that's the only thing you can do , my nigga wouldn't Fuck you even if you payed him"

I guess you can say dee dee finished that shit

"I'm done listening to y'all , grow the Fuck up"


I woke up from ice cold water being splashed on my face

"Wake your FatAss up!"

I couldn't open my left eye and my head was pounding felt like a bunch of bricks tumbled on my head. I looked up and saw he had a belt in his hand . if this nigga bouta be me like I'm his child he got another thing coming

"I gotta few questions and I need answers , truthful Answers you understand"

I nodded my head

"I wanna here you !"He yelled which causes me to flinch


He sat on the steps in front of me

"We were happy , why you do me like that hun? I was gon to marry you"

"What did I do ? I-im not -

"Bitch you know what you have done ! Stop acting like you don't know"

"I don't know shit ! I'm lost ! Why the Fuck are you doing this to me , I'm not who you think I am I'm Dasanii "

"Since you wanna lie" he got up wrapping the belt over his hand two times

"I'm not lying"I cried out

"See I don't wanna hurt you Da'Naye but you make me baby, you took off with that nigga thinking I wouldn't find you , y'all out here living big off of all my money ! Where's my fucking Kids !!"

"I never had kids I'm not Da'Naye"


"Ahhhhhhhhhhh" I screamed out in agony , this nigga just brung that belt across my face


"I'm sorry I'm sorry P-please sstopp"

"Your sorry ? That's all you gotta say"

He grabbed my hair and pulled me up I felt like a tag doll being dragged to the kitchen , he dropped my head on the marble floor and I was out like a light


"Uhmm Damn baby you still got that good shit"he groaned in my ear

Tears filled my eyes as I watched him slide in and out of me , I tried putting up a fight but there was nomore fight left in me , my body feel like it's gon to give up on me I barely could breathe , my body sting due to the open cuts

I just hope somebody come find me before he kills me and my kids ... My babies I put him or her in danger . this is all my fault I had no business coming over here and when G find out about this I know he gon think the worse , I put myself in a fucked up situation how I'm suppose to get out of this

He sped up causing me to cry , never in a million years would I ever tonight that I would be getting raped . he started choking me. As he penetrated me , my Anus was on Fire and I was slipping in and out of consiousness before I passed out I felt him I'm inside of me

"I Love you Da'Naye"


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