money or me

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Dasanii POV

We all decided to go out tonight , out to eat since I can't be in club enviorments no more , can't even pick up a drink , just me and the girls were going

I was dressed in all white we all decided to wear all white I had on my white jeans and white chanel high top sneakers with the gold strap and My white crop top , I straightened my hair and put on my gold hoops

Everyone was here waiting for me , G came in the room and sat on the bed

"You not going out tonight"G said

I rolled my eyes not wanting to deal with his spoiled ass it's been 2 week since I fought Sharay and he been tryna get us to talk , some things were said that just can't be let go he just don't seem to understand that

"Please don't start"

"I'm not , I already told the girls they left"

I turned towards him with a mug on my face

"Why would you do that"

"Cause I said your not going out tonight , you staying in with me"

"You pissing me off G"

"Whatever we having company too"

"It bet not be who i think it is"

See now he doing too much , I can feel all my anger boiling ready to spill out

"I'm not talking to her , why are you still talking to her anyway , just let it the Fuck go Damn "

"Calm all that shit down and watch who you talking to"

"I can say whatever the Fuck I want out my mouth ! Nobody can make me do shit I'm not talking to that bitch and I suggest you stop before you be single"

"Yea whatever sanii , you tripping it's some things you two need to settle before we start working together"

"Working together ?! No that's not gon happen ! Why you wanna work with her after she basically tried to kill me"

"Stop with the fucking dramatics you ran after her don't act like you ain't slam her ass in the glass either"

"After the bitch did it to me ! I don't want you working with her I would like you to respect my wishes"

"Go ahead with that shit Man y'all cousins this wouldn't of happened if you had ya insecurities in check"

Wait . hol up no the Fuck he just didn't

"No this shit wouldn't of happened if you wasn't going around buying bitches jewlery making me look stupid !"

"It was a bet "

"Fuck that stupid ass bet I don't care what it was if it was vice versa ya ass would of dropped me , iont even know why my dumb ass believe it was a bet anyway don't know why I keep letting you get away with shit like this and being disrespectful I'm starting to think you doing this shit on purpose"

"You overthinking it's not even that deep I'm not gon keep explaining myself to you I told you what it was , obviously you believe me cause ya ass wouldn't be here"

"Whatever I'm not talking to her nor are you working with her the bitch ain't got much talent but laying on her back anyway"

Good one sanii 10 points !!!!

"Actually she do have talent , very good also .... Hating don't get you nowhere"

"Hating ? Please I'm where I wanna be in life anybody can fucking sing "

"No everybody cant"

"You really wanna make her a star after everything that transpired"

"No I'm making me richer it's a difference"

"There you go with this money shit always thinking about your self I can't deal with this shit anymore"

I went in the closet to get my suit case . I see that Ima really have to leave to make him realize that we are more important than money us our bond our love. I'm tired of him not respecting my wishes. Every other day its something and I'm tired , we need time apart

"What are you doing yo" he got up blocking me from my dresser

"What it look like G , move"

"So now you wanna leave cause I'm telling you to make up with your cousin"

"I don't wanna make up with her what don't you get , I don't want you working with her either ! I want you to respect my wishes"

"You making me choose between you and us accounting more money"

I stood there waiting for his answer . he don't understand and it seems like he never will ..... I don't wanna leave but I will if I have to

"Sanii you being irrational about this shit I already told you iont want her"

You see how it's so hard for him to choose me over money I mean he still didn't give me an answer. This is not even about my cousin anymore it's about him valuing me more than money . when the money gone I'm still gon be here taking care of him having his back ...... For years G been taking My love for granted thinking I won't leave him ... He has me fucked up , cause today if he doesn't make the right choice I'm out the door ... I wont look back .... He'll be watching me walk away

I love him so much i swear The Lord Is My Witness but , I love myself more and if money comes before my feelings there's no point of me being here there's not point in marrying me he should just marry his money

We just stood staring at each other I was hoping so bad that he'll juss come out and say baby I choose you and then we'll get in the bed and make love but I could see this was so hard for him

The door bell ringed and he broke out the trance

"Ima go get the door"he says and walk away

I already knew who was at the door and I knew right then and there he made his choice , he didn't even have to come out and say it . I felt my heart tighten

I wondered if I tell him about the baby would he change his mind but would that even matter plus I'm telling him to do it for me and my feelings not for the baby

I began packing my things , I don't need to be with anybody who cares about wealth more than anything and anybody G been like this for years this incident and the kash stunt was not the only time he wasn't considerate about my feeling over money including the Monica situation , I would need more fingers to count if I went on

"Suicide before you see these tears fall down my eyes, me and my baby We gon be alright we gon live a good life"

I guess its time for him to see life without me .....I'm gone


Tell me what you think ??

Who's wrong ? G or Sanii

Would you have done the same thing if you were Sanii ?

Sanii pregoooooo 🎉🎊



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