Forever In My Heart

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"I will love you until the end of time"

2 years later

Keenon POV

Its been awhile since I came up to Dasanii , me and Kenya are now official it was hard for me first I thought we was just gon be a lil fling but we are getting more serious and I just feel like I should come up and tell Dasanii myself

Ironic hun? Yea I know

Me and Sanii been through so much i will never forget her and ima tell the kids all about her , never would have I thought my life would be like this but things change it's life and i gotta live with that

Lord knows this girl owns my heart but it's time for me to open up to someone else and I think the only way I can to that is if I come up here and see her and tell her what's going on

I walked in and she was laying sleeping peacefully , she still looked beautiful my baby girl is a spitting image of her . I could tell her curly hair got longer and wild but it wasn't nappy and her skin was smooth and soft I know nurse Heaven has been taking good care of her I'm thankful for that

I sat down in the chair beside her and just stared at her my heart tighten with thinking of all the times we had and I hated that I had to let go of someone I love so much . i grabbed on her hand and began to talk

"Hey Sanii , I know it's been a long-time since I came to see you ...I've been busy"I sighed "I miss you and I love you so much , I always will......... The kids are getting big , they are two and Kee'Onna looks just like you to the T . Da'Sahn just like me with ya attitude it's funny"

I paused tryna decifer on what I'm gon say , even though she's in a coma I'm still nervous telling her that I met someone who I care about and that took her place in my life. I swallowed the lump in my throat

"I've met s-someone , you actually know her..... Its K-Kenya , she's helped me a lot with the kids I mean they adore her , I adore her. She never can take ya place or fill your shoes I promise I won't forget about you ever we have kids together I can never" I teared up " I love you buug you will forever be in my heart b-but it's time for me to move on , i know you stopped fighting a long time ago , I know you tired and these machines the only thing that's holding you back , baby you can go I'm not gon be mad at ya"

I got up from the chair and wiped my eyes , I felt relieved I walked to the door but i turned back

"I love you DaSanii forever babe"

With that I left out the door , my chest tighten I hurried out of the hospital , I got in the car and drove off , I turned on the radio , iont know if God was giving me a good sign or bad sign all I know it was a sign

Love by musiq soulchild was playing , the song I used to propose to Sanii , memories fled in my mind about that fat and how happy we were

My first love , the mother of my children is gone ...... I'm living but can I really move on ?




Bad sign or good sign ?

How you feel about what G said ?

Do you like Kenya ? I mean she's there for him and the children

Do you think G should have waited until They took Sanii off of life support than get with kenya?

IF Sanii decides to wake up how you think she would take G moving on ?

What do you think happened to hope ? Where is he ?




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