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"If i get it in the pink he can have the light blue"

Kennon POV

Me and Kenya was out shopping for the kids , Dee was watching them for me today . we walked in this kids boutique and instantly went to the girls side ,

"No skirts , she ain't wearing no skirts"I said

"Why not ?"

"Cause I said so"

"Whatever my boo is getting her some skirts and dresses and some cute shorts"

"Everything below the knee"

She smacked her lips

"She a baby , calm down"

"I'm starting earlier ain't gon be nun of them crop tops and mini skirts and right dresses, my guns loaded"

She laughed but I was serious them lil niggas gon kno wassup daddy ain't having nun of that

"I wish my dad was protective over me like that , he wasn't around"she picked up a navy blue dresses and put it in the cart

"I ain't know ya dad wasn't in ya life"

"I ain't have no daddy around when I was growing up , that's why I'm wild and I don't give a Fuck.......don't let this cute face fool ya"she said dancing and messing up some of the words

"You need to cut it"I laughed

I'm glad Kenya around to help me out , I needed a friend to get me through the lonely days without Sanii , she a big help with the twins also


After we finished shopping for the kids we were at the good court eating and talking and having a good time

"G I don't mean to bombard you with this question I just wanna know you don't have to answer"

"What is it?"

"What if Dasanii doesn't wake up , how would you cope I'm only asking this as your friend I know how much you love her and I know it's gon to be hard"

"She's my heart I don't know what I'm gon to do"

"Well you got kids to think about , I know she would want you to move on and be happy"

"What you mean?"

"You know I went through the same thing , you can't wait ya whole life on her when there's a big possibility she won't wake up G , it's not good to dewell on the past"

"Past ? She hasn't even been asleep that long"I ain't like what she just said

"I know I'm not saying let her go Keenon I would never tell you to let her go I'm saying just don't let life past you by , for a possibility that might never happen"

I didn't say anything After that , I knew what she was saying , but I wasn't ready to here all that . I can't move on I'm not ready to

And that's just that ......


Another filler

Is what Kenya saying true ?

Should G have shit her down ?

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