And Let Die

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GoodMorning My Loves💋 have a blessed and positive day , don't let this chapter ruin your mood have hope lol - Gotti

"Love so many people use your name in vain, love those who have faith in you sometimes go astray"


"The family of Dasanii Jackson"a female doctor called , she was short and dark skin with a fro

We all got up and crowed around her , the whole family basically was here , there was definitely tension in the room when tootsie and Sharay showed up but gladly nobody did or said anything , the focus is on Dasanii and iont want no type of negativity

"Hello my name is Dr.Zolanski , I want to first give my condolences on this tradgedy that happen I'm very sorry. I have some good news and some bad news, the good news is that the baby is okay"

"Baby !?"I blurted out

Sanii ain't tell me She was pregnant , how could she not

"Sanii ain't tell you yet ?"dee asked me , the whole family looking to hear my answer

"No she didn't tell me" I held my head down cheating thoughts were running through my head But I pushed them back cause I know my baby wouldn't do me like that

Or would she ? You might think you know a person but you really don't

I shook them thoughts away and the doctor continued

"Well Dasanii is 3 months she's due April 1st . the bad news is that She fell into a deep coma and there's a 20 percent chance she'll wake up"

Ms.sweet burst in tears as some of the other family members did , I just shook my head I know this ain't true she's gon pull through and we gon get married and raise our baby together I know it

"As long as she's on life support the baby will be fine , also her insurance has a three year plan for her so after them three years is up and she Hasn't waking up , we will have to take her off ..... I'm sorry , if you'll like to see her she's in room 317 , We will try everything to get her up I promise once again I'm sorry" with that she walked away

"My baby .... My baby"

Mama sweet was crying hersterically I looked around there was not a dry eye , I couldn't take it I couldn't be here right now . I walked out the hospital to my car in there is where I broke down

Why did it have to be her , how will I be able to take care a baby by myself if she doesn't make it , I can't I just can't

Dee dee POV

Me and bell was home cuddled on the couch reminiscing about the times we had with Dasanii , seeing her hooked up to all them tubes really was a hurt piece , I can't believe my best friend Fuck that my sister might not make it's fucking me up

"You member when we went through it with the girls and Sanii karate kicked the bitch into the Car"bell said we started laughing that day was funny "G was like oh shit oh shit Sanii why you that girl like that"

"That day was funny we was in the 11th grade at that time"

"Man.... My bitch don't deserve this who would of thought"bell wiped the tears that slid down her face

"She him pull through I know it , as of right now we just be there for G and when the baby come we be there for our niece Or nephew"

"You right , you right ima save my tears for when she wake up"

"That's the spirit"

My phone beeped with an messages I had two and they both were from slim

Slimjim💋- you okay ?

Slimjim💋- you gotta think positive baby girl , Sanii will be back with is in no time , I know forsure it may be awhile but she coming back to us . don't silk over there in guilt cause it ain't ya fault and best believe we gon get that nigga , so don't worry baby

Where did good her him from ? Why he gotta be so perfect? I smiled at his text I feel so special knowing someone out there that really cares about me besides bell sanii and G . I texted him back and continued talking with bell

For now my bestfriend will live through me


Thoughts on this chap?

Is Sanii gon wake up or no ?

Do you think slim and Dee dee ever gon get together ?

How you think this gon affect G ?

I was thinking and I need your help with my decision should I make this one whole book or should I do a sequel I don't know yet but whatever y'all choose I'll do

This was just a filler for you guys 💋

Prayers up for Sanii 😇🙏

Some of you gon get mad at me for this story line but please don't - I'm not gon let y'all down just read to the end

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