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Dasanii POV

My mother was crying her eyes out which made me feel worse everyone was here except for Sharay , George , G , slim and tootsie , I don't know if they still on the outs with everyone I mean it's been a long time ... But at this point i really don't care

Short memories would pop in my head from that day when I close my eyes I see his face , somehow I believe that everything that happened to me is my fault , I wanted to be rid of that day I didn't want to ever relive it but now ima always have a piece of it for the rest of my life

How am I suppose to look into my child's eyes , how can I love it when I hate it and I hate it cause of their dad , how ima tell it that they wasn't plan that I didn't have a choice

"B-baby I'm sorry"my mother cried out

My dad was consoling her , the whole time he was here he didn't even look me in my face , I'm definitely feeling some type of way about it ... He's probably ashamed of me , I don't blame him

"Its not your fault ma"

"Yea it is I should have been there to protect you from that devil"she yelled which shocked all of us cuz my mom never yells she throw shade but she never yells. But somehow her yelling turned me angry

"What the Fuck are you even crying for ? Hun"

"Dasanii!"My dad snapped

"Its not like you gotta carry the devils spawn .... Save your tears don't show any sympathy . this ain't your life , don't show me no fucking sympathy I don't need it , not from you this is something else in my life that you can take and go gossip to your friends about ..... By time You step out this hospital I bet you the whole fucking church gon know"I chuckled dee was looking at me like i lost my fucking mind and I probably did

My mom stood up and wiped her tears and came over to my bedside


The hit echoed off the walls

"Don't you ever , ever talk to me like that , I'm not one of ya lil friends"she stood with her finger in my face I smacked it down

"Bitch you gotta lot of nerve to put your hands on me while I'm lying in this hospital bed"I gritted"you betta be fucking lucky that your my mother or this hospital room woulda been tore the Fuck up "

"Dasanii you cut this shit right now lil girl you hea me"Roy said

"Or WHAT !?"I tested him "your not my dad I ont have to listen to you"

His face soften from that mug he was holding upon his face I instantly regretted what I said but shit I couldn't take it back now it was already said

Roy walked out the room My mom gave me a pitiful look and walked out behind him ..... I don't care though

"Where's my kids?"

"Ms.Jackson has them"Shawnee spoke "Why would you say that to Roy?"

"Because !"

I ain't really have no reason for snapping on my dad like that He just got caught in the crossfire , you know that saying , people get killed by getting in others people business ? Well that just happened to him in a sense

"You dead wrong and you know it"bell said

"Iont need you telling me what I did wrong shit ima grown ass women"

"I'm just telling you"

"Well don't !"

"Bitch don't get mad at us for trying to be there for You , lets not forget you put yourself into this situation knowing yo ass shouldn't of been at his house anyway !"

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