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1 year later

Keenon POV

"Kennon I'm here"Kenya yelled

She walked in and gasped at the setting I had , it was nothing special but it was nice , I had a dinner going with her favorite foods I just wanted to show my appreciation towards her , this past year has been rough without her helping me out I don't know what or where I'd be , don't get me wrong everybody help me out when they can but Kenya didn't have to but she did , she ain't have to do nun of the shit she did for us

"G this is nice , wow you didn't have to do this"

"And you don't have to do what you do for the kids and I"

"You know I don't mind"


We were sitting on the couch watching boys in the hood , Ricky just got shot up and Kenya was crying her eyes out . I wanted to laugh but I kept it in , I was use to this shit in Compton you see niggas die everyday they be here one minute than gone the next nothing new to me

"You ard"I asked rubbing her back

"Yea"she said rubbing her eyes"it's just that part get to me I love rickyy he was gon be somebody"

I laughed I couldn't hold it in anymore

"Its not funny G"she laughed hitting me

"Its just a movie you so dramatic"

"I am not .... I'm just a lil sensitive at times don't act like you ont cry"

"I cry over real shit , I barely cry anyway ..... I'm numb to bad shit now"I sighed putting my head down

"Iont even know how you feel right now"she moved closer to me "I know you lost alot of close friends and now your dealing with this , but God don't give you nothing you can't bare your one of the ones that made it out your blessed . and I know it seem like everybody's leaving"she grabbed my face pulling me closer to her"but I'm still here , I'm not going no where I promise "

Our lips collided and we kissed , I was stuck it felt so wrong but it felt so right at the same time . she straddled me and began to sick on my neck . my hands began to roam her body , lil baby is so blessed . things were getting intense

We both were completely nake when we made it to the bedroom me and Sanii once shared , I positioned myself between her legs my heart was beating out of my chest I froze above her , looking deep in her eyes I could tell she wanted it and I'm not gon lie I wanted it to but this was wrong

"Please God help me"I thought to myself

She leaned up and kissed and somehow slide down on my pole and right there I knew I just made a deal with the devil


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