T or F part 2

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Keenon POV

"We not fucking at all I promise you that I wouldn't do that to you"

I was heated, Sharay going arounding showing people like I brought it cause we talking or some shit got sanii thinking I'm cheating on her , she not even telling the whole story of why I got her the nut ass bracelet

"You haven't been home lately you haven't touched me lately , you always with her you don't answer ya phone when I call"

"I've been working "

And I swear it's nothing but the truth , since I cancelled the tour I've been in the studio and making club appearances and making new dates for This tour plus in help Sharay with starting her music career up that's why she always with me and at the club appearances with me

"Bullshit you buying her diamonds n shit What the Fuck was that about"

"It was a muthafuckn bet ! Heat against the Lakers , we were doubling and tripling money , the Lakers won she said instead of giving her all my money buy the bracelet so I did " she crossed her arms "I wouldn't do that shit to you"

"What sleep with my cousin or just any ole loose whore"

I screwed up my face

"Nobody , what the Fuck are you talking"

"If nobody Why did you Fuck Monica"

I choked on my breathe , I know Monica skanky ass did not tell her , the bitch is going to jail tonight

"Baby I can explain-

"I know the full story I was just
waiting for you to tell me "

"I was gon to tell you I just didn't know how"

"I can't trust you No more G , I don't even know if that bet shit is real , so before I kill both of y'all ima ask that bitch one more time to tell me the truth , if her story don't match with yours I'm. Gon. Shut. Shit. Down. !"She said clapping her hands at the end

I looked over at Dee dee for help but she just smirked and shook her head

She started walking back into the house and I followed right behind her . Sharay was standing by the back door while Shawnee and her mom was sitting at the table and Roy and momma sweet was standing at the counter.

"How you get the bracelet?"sanii asked her

"It was only a bet , I wasn't going around acting like he brought it for me cause we fucking , I told them about the bet so whatever Shawnee jealous ass told you don't let that shit get to your head"

"Jealous ? Bitch please you fucking everybody and they uncle and you ain't say shit about no bet so stop acting"

"I did so Bitch ask bell she was right there ! Your just a mad bitter Bitch ! I swear looking like me ain't enough you wanna be me So bad"

"I don't wanna be a whore,"Shawnee yelled

"You steady calling me a whore but slept with another nigga got pregnant abourted the baby so kajon wouldn't find out ! You ain't no goody two shoes"

"Enough !"aunt tootsie called out

Shawnee was in tears the whole room was quiet , Sanii was crying also I pulled her into my arms for comfort.

"Bitch I hate you ! I wish I never was born with you , you betrayed me your own fucking blood"

"Shawnee Shut up"

"Momma no ! I'm tired of you also it's always about Sharay I get no muthafuckn recognition I bust my ass in school for you just to get some type of attention that a mother shows , this bitch takes everything away from me and I finally found someone who shows intrest in me and she goes and fucks him like the whore she is !" she breathes heavily " Bitch if I had a gun I would put a bullet right between your eyes "

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