Wake up Baby

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"Can I can I save you from you"

1 Month later

Keenon POV

Ever since I left the hospital I never went up there to see her, Apart of me don't want to see her like that and another part of me feels like I'm being selfish I need to be by her side through this and I would never forgive myself if she passed and I never got to say goodbye

I've been occupying myself with work and finding this nigga hope it's like he dissappeared into the thin air but he can't hide for long , the studio been my home for the past month but it's time for me to man up and go see my baby well babies . I'm excited that me and Sanii created someone special and I can't wait to meet her or him

I got in my car and headed into the hospital going up on the elevator I got nervous , i didnt know what to expect but I know I had to do this . I got off the elevator on the third floor , walking down the hall scanning the rooms for 317 when I got in front of her door I took a deep breath and walked in

An old lady was sitting in the chair reading aloud , she was a nurse here , she turned towards my direction

"You must be Keenon , she's been waiting for you"

I looked at her confused , she got up and walked towards me extending her hand , she was tall about 5'11 short curly hair Brown skin with big Brown eyes , a couple wrinkles grased her face when she smiled

"Hi I'm nurse Heaven , it's nice to meet you"

I shook her hand

"She can here you , I'll leave to give you some alone time"

"Thanks"I said above a whisper , she was so giddy it was weird to me

I walked to her bedside , I was in awe she was so beautiful her chocolate skin was glowing she looked so peaceful sleeping . her belly was big and round , I placed my hand on her stomach and rubbed instantly I felt kicks . it brought a smile to my face and years down my eyes , her hair was curly and wild and her skin was so smooth , I can tell the nurse takes real good care of her I sat down and stared at her rubbing her stomach , just thinking of all the times we shared I started to get angry

"You can't leave me Sanii , we not done yet ma" I squeezed her hand " we bouta have a baby and it's gon need You I need you"

Silence filled the room tears were at the brim of my eyes I tried to blank them away but it was too late

"I miss you so much ma , I need you to wake up Baby , so we can get married and raise our jit"

I stayed there for the rest of the night , talking to her and rubbing her belly . being here with her was easing my mind and it was giving me more hope that she'll wake up .....she gots too

Dee dee POV

I was scrolling on instagram bored as ever I planned to go see Sanii tomorrow and tell her what's been going on . I tried hitting up slim but he ain't answer so I'm home waiting on bell to get her so I'll have something to do

I was scrolling until I came across a picture , it was the same ring and necklace I picked out for slim at the mall her and slim was kissing and she held her ring out showing the world. I notice slim the one posted it up it read

She said yes . I'm the happiest man in the world

My heart literally stopped .

This can't be !


Thoughts ?

G finally went to see Sanii after a month ?

Slim getting married ?

Nurse heaven ?

There will be time skips for the next couple chapters

In them chapters things will be explained so you won't be confused

So for the next couple chaps some will be a lil short than usual

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