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"Lord please save her for me , do this one favor for me"

Dasanii POV

"Are you serious right now ?" I nodded

I tried so hard to keep my laugh in but his face was so funny and priceless that I couldnt. I bust out laughing . I would never tell him to kill his unborn child , I have kids and I'll go to war with anyone who tried to harm them

"You play too fucking much"

I wiped the tears that was coming out of my eyes

"Its not like you would of done it" He kept quiet "G!!"

"I'm playing"he laughed"I wouldn't of done it baby I swear , anybody else you know I'll do it for you"

"I don't need you , I'll do it myself , thank you very much"

He sucked his teeth

"You ain't bout that life"

"I ain't no killer but don't push me"

We laughed

"You too scary to do it"

"I know that's why ima have my new nigga to do it "

He straight faced me

"Sanii why do you insist to play these games , we love each other , I know you still want me , I want you I want my family"

It was true I do still want my family , I want to be With him I love him and in all seriousness I can't blame him for wanting to move on for a slim possibility of me not waking up , I'm not mad I'm just upset that he's having a baby with someone else. I'm holding on to a lot of resentment right now that I can't be with him even tho that's all I want . even if we do get back together I know his baby momma will cause problems that I just dont want to deal with. And all though I don't know her or like her I know she have feelings and was expecting to have a life with G and I don't wanna be mean and snatch it all away from her so fast even tho it's my right

Plus if I take him back I know people gon have some shit to say and I don't have time for knocking bitches out so for now it's just me and my kids till I figure out if I should take G back or not . make sense ?

"I do love you , but I need time to think-

"Its bell ain't it , tell that bitch to mind her fucking business!"

"Lower your fucking voice G my kids are sleep" I looked at Da'Sahn stirring in his sleep " bell ain't got shit to do with this , you put yourself in this situation , I just dont know if I can take you having a baby with some unknown Bitch , I can't fathom another Bitch having you like I had you , I don't fucking like it "

"Baby I know I fucked up -

"That's an understatement , you been fucking up with me . I heard you treat her like gold , but treated me with no respect "

"That's not true , Sanii I , we don't have problems because she do everything I tell her and go along with everything. Sometimes I don't even know why I decided to get in something with her . I always find myself comparing her to you. She's no match baby ... I need you I want you"

"Why are you with her than?"

"I guess cause she helped me with the kids .... She was just there , I didn't even ask"

It was quiet we both were in deep thought , I was torn in between wanting to be with him and wanting him to feel my pain . he got up and got in the bed with us , wrapping his arms around me , I felt safe , loved , wanted needed I felt like in his arms is where I belong .... We not suppose to be together but we are meant for each other.......... I can't help it I love him

Even though he do some disrespectful shit his pros outweighs his cons but it's still onething on my mind , he have yet to ask ,

He never once asked me what the Fuck I was doing in hopes house and what happened , should I be worried ?

Kenya POV

I invited Sharay out to lunch we were in Apple bees eating and chatting , I wanted to know more about Dasanii , I know gs in love with her and now that she's up I might be out the picture soon , I always have been in love with Keenon everysince I met him at school we were close at one point until her fat ass came around it's like she had him in awe in a trance she probably put a spell on him or some voodoo shit cause I can't seem to fathom that g choose her black fat ass over me , I'm something serious

Hazel eyes , fit , brownskin with good hair and I'm smart and would cater to his every need. I don't know what I'm gon do now that she's up , I might have to put her fat ass back to sleep cause this time I'm not letting G go without a fight I love him and I be damned if she take him from me again

"Have you went to go see your cousin yet?"I asked her

"No , but I will soon why ?"

"Just asking , I wanna meet her"

I need To be face to face with her to see what the Fuck is so special bout her and to warn her to stay away from my man

"You could tag along with me"

"Yeah just let me know"

She laughed

"Tryna figure out ya competion hun?"

"Excuse me ?"

"Cut the bull shit Kenya , I know you wanna know the extent of their relationship"

"I do , I -

"They're unbreakable , Fuck a title they don't even need one cause they bond is knit tight, they love is real , sorry to be so blunt but your no competition G love that girl and you can't do nothing about it but sit back and watch them run into the sunset together"

She laughed , I ain't see shit funny tho but we'll see who gon be running into the sunset , I am having his child so if I can't be the one for him , his bank account will be the one for me and I'll get his preicious big jewel hurt

"Taking his money will be nothing to him , G and Sanii are both sitting on M's"

"Hun?" Fuck did I say that out loud?

"You heard me , I know what your thinking and honey unfortunately it won't play out right for you"

"How you know for sure they bond is tight?"

This bitch was getting on my nerves piping they shit any bond can be broken , only a bad Bitch can do it

"Well as bad as it sound considering we family I tried but it didn't work ? He shit me down without even knowing he shut me down , he didn't even realize I was hitting on him he was so infatuated with her and music , but anyone can see they belong together , I literally don't even wanna see nobody with him but her"

Clearly she's not a bad bitch, she not a bad Bitch Ha ! I know I can't trust her , that's fucked up how she was tryna get G , family ain't shit

"Hmm I'm already one up on you , the bond is already loose"

She started laughing again I rolled my eyes

"I see you gon learn the hard way , with a broken heart , glad I'm around to see who will get the crown at the end better yet the ring"

"Let me get my left hand ready then" I posed

"Oh you can wear the ring but it means nothing to a bond , get ya bond up bih"

"Whatever"I rolled my eyes

I will have G and the bank account and the bond just watch


What y'all think?

What should Sanii do ?

Kenya and Sharay ?

Thanks for reading

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