Bad Luck

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All you have to do is say that I'm sorry
Baby I'm sorry
And I'm in love with you
Baby I want this, baby I want this
Say baby I'll do what it takes
And I will be here all the way baby

All you have to do is say that I'm sorry
Baby I'm sorry- ciara

Dasanii POV

Its been almost a month and Yg still wasn't talking to me he would ask me if I'm okay 3 times a day which was morning,noon and night nothing else and I was slowly drowning I missed him I wanted to see his face and hear his voice , I contemplated flying to go see him but Dee Dee convinced me not to

She says that he's needs to grow up I was only letting lose and dancing. Which she was right but I also can understand his anger for dancing on another man like that other than my fiance.

I got up and looked in the mirror , the gym has been working I was losing weight some due to stress but most from the gym. My stomach was going down and my face , thighs were toning and from all the squats we've been doing my ass lifted up more and it was luscious than ever I was happy with the results I was getting, especially with my waist it was going down, I didn't even have to change everything I eat , I had portions of shit.

My phone went off it was a text from Dee Dee sending me a link , I opened it and saw a article with Yg and kash all hugged up his hand was on her ass

Dee sent me another text saying book us a flight , my momma started calling , hope sent a text asking if I was okay , my cousin shawnee texted saying the same shit as Dee Dee I ignore all of them . I didn't tell nobody basically because I'm embarrassed even only if he did it for money I still was embarrassed, having another bitch play girlfriend to your man is never okay

I'm upset also cause he could've told me that they was gon start today so I could of at least prepared myself for it , seeing him with her boiled my blood he told me he wasn't gon do nothing inappropriate in the media but you squeezing her ass is. I felt betrayed I should of never agreed to this shit I'm stupid as Fuck ! Gon lend my man to another bitch ! I'm basically pumping him if you think about it I chuckled to myself

I shot him a text and got in the bed and got in the bed and let sleep take over me

Keenon POV

I stumbled to the bed , I was drunk as shit , I called out to slim and ace but nobody came

"Keenon cut all that yelling out baby , let me take care of you nobody gotta know"

"Sanii ! "I yelled out knowing she was nowhere near us still hoping she could hear me

I felt so weak and my mind was spinning and I was so horny, I know this bitch spiked my drink with some shit I just hope that this shit knock me out so we won't do nothing

She was undressing in front of me my dick was already hard , her titties was sitting up I could tell they were fake her ass too but it was looking so desirable right now , she got on her knees in front of me and started to unbuckle my pants I pushed her hands away Tryna get away but I was so weak she had my dick out stroking it

"Umm you are so big daddy"

"Slim , ace , Sanii!"I yelled again

I tried moving again but once she put her mouth on the tip it was a rap


I woke up with an head ache , knowing what transpired hours ago I was mad , the only person on my mind was sanii and how it would break us if she found out , apart of me wanted to tell her but I couldn't lose her I knew I should of told slim and ace to bring their asses

The shower was running, I got up and put on my shit and was out the door , I should've killed that bitch , as I was running out the door I bumped into lash

"Hey Yg "

"Wssp kash"

"Nothing is Monica up"she asked She squinted her eyes at me Then at Monica door

"I-I I don't , yeah yeah she um up"I stuttered

"I'll just come back later , are you okay?"

"Yeah , yeah I'm straight"

"Okay"she said and walked away

I walked into my room and sat down on the bed

"Fuck !"I screamed out to no one

I felt like shit , I enjoyed that shit last night but I ain't want too, that bitch know I'm engaged she did that shit on purpose ! I know she did , ima get sanii to Fuck her up again. I felt my phone vibrate I had texts from slim ace "what friends they are"I thought , and I had one from sanii I opened it

Wifey: Damn you could have said something about the picture to let me know ! Btw I'm not feeling it !

I knew exactly what she was talking about to , me and kash wasn't comfortable with it but Monica insisted , ima fire that bitch I should of listened to sanii a long time ago and fired that bitch but no I got all this money and still wanted to be a cheap ass !

I facetimed her and she answered

"Hey baby"I said

Her Eyes was red and puffy I could tell she was crying I felt my heart sank, with all that I did to her not speaking for two weeks , Monica raping me and the pic I dont deserve her , a man would never ask his wife to condone some shit Like this

"Hey"she said dryly

"I'm sorry sanii about everything, I shouldn't of got mad but I forgot that the pic was coming out , I apologize"

She just shook her head okay

"I don't like to see you crying"

"I'm not crying"

"But you were "

There was silence , she wasn't even looking into the mirror, I was studying her face it looked like she lost weight

"I miss you buug"

"I miss you too"

"I'm ready to come home"


"Let me fly you out here to me , let's spend the weekend together"

"I don't know keenon"

"Please baby, you wont miss work I know that's what you worried about , please ma"

"Okay "

I got excited, I was missing her so much , plus I needed her here if Monica tried some more bullshit and I will be letting everybody know sanii is coming

"Thanks baby , start packing , pack for a week "

"You said weekend yg"

"Oh yeah , I love you baby with all my heart and I'm sorry I let my anger get in the way of us never again "

"Never again?"

"Never again buug"

"I love you too"

And I knew it was true ..... I know this guilt gon eat me alive


Yes I did a time skip it's only 3 weeks though



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