No More

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"Lets have a toast to this good life suicide before you see these tears fall down my eyes , me and my baby we gon be alright we gon live a good life"

Dasanii POV

I couldn't believe it , the man I love started a life without me , I can't see my future without G. What the Fuck am I suppose to do now?. I can't take him back after that we don't get down like that . my heart is in pieces all I wanna see is my kids and get better

But I know for sure this gon turn me into a bitter Bitch and I don't wanna be like that but it's hard , you give ya all to somebody and they don't give you Shit in return but they lies and they simple ass sorries well i ain't sorry ! He gon
watch this fat ass twist he gon watch the best thing that ever happen to him give her love away to someone else who deserves it

He gon feel the way I feel , I want my payback in tears Nigga cry me a fucking river, playing house , really loving another Bitch , He don't love that bitch he love me , Keenon is MINE always have been and always be. These bitches can't measure up to me. Got some bitch playing Mommy to my kids !

"Sanii snap out of it"bell said nudging me

"My bad wssp"

"Bitch talk to me You zoning out and shit"

"Girl I'm done , i-i can't t-take no more"I shook my head from side to side , "G hurt me something serious with this one"

"I know baby but it's gon get better I promise , he realized what he done I'm pretty sure he's hurting to now you told his ass to hit the road, and he gon hurt even more when you find another dick to hop on and ride to the moon"she chuckled

"But I love him"I sighed

"Yea but sometimes love is not enough , loyalty and respect needs to be included"

"I know , I'm just hurt and angry but sometimes I feel like I can't even blame him , I was gone"

"Sanii shut the Fuck up with that I can't blame him shit cause we "she pointed between us two " both know that it's his fault shit even akon would put the blame on him"

"We both played a part-

"Bitch stop being in denial , that's why he do the shit he do now , you sweep the shit he do under the rug , you let to much shit fly and he took advantage"

"I can't hel-

"Sanii stop being fucking dumb ! If he so called love you he wouldn't be home with another Bitch raising your kids ! He would have waited till that doctor pulled that plug and said you were gone ! Nothing and no one should have tampered him to do any fucking thing,"

"I'm not being dumb I'm just putting shit into perspective, I wouldn't know what I would of did if it was vice versa if he was the one in this bed , 2 years is a long time"

"Bitch me , you , Jesus , Moses and the 7 henchmen know that yo ass would never went home you would have been by his side no matter what , you would of been living in this bitch "

"You know what your right , Fuck him I'm tired of his shit I'm too good for him"

The door opened and I heard lil feet run in

"Hi aunt bell" a chocolate curly hair lil girl yelled

Beside her was the cutest lil boy I ever seen , I looked up to see G He grabbed both of their hands and led them over to my bed side . I was in awe that picture ain't do them no justice my kids are beautiful

"Say hi to y'all mommy"Keenon spoke to them

"Hi Mommy"Da'Sahn yelled tryna get on the bed I helped him up , he grabbed my face and gave me a kiss I was in awe , they had me in a trance " h-hi baby"

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