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"Wish I could give you all of me but I can't , can't let her go"

Keenon POV

It was Christmas time and everyone was at my house to celebrate , kids were running around , the women were cooking , everyone was in the spirit

"Kenya how many months are you ?"Dee asked

At first Dee wasn't so accepting it took some time but she understood , it's like we all accepted the fact that Sanii was never gon to wake up , Bell and Ms.Sweet still have a hard time accepting Kenya iont think they ever gon to like her ...... But they do have to respect her as my girl

"I'm 5 months now"

"Umm"bell rolled her eyes , I shook my head

"Mommy can you do this for me"Kee'Onna asked Kenya holding out her doll baby

"Mommy!" bell jumped up

"Calm down Bella , it's not that serious"

"Deemani are you fucking stupid !? That is not okay G that is not okay"

"First off all bell you can't come in my house and tell us what is wrong and what is right , I was here for the kids since birth and love them like my own , if you can't accept that ima ask you to leave"Kenya said

"Are you done ?! , now bitch leme tell you -

"Bell cut the shit you drawlin the kids is in here"slim snapped

"You know what I'm not even gon sit here on Jesus day with y'all fake asses ! Y'all can sit here and fucking pretend all y'all want to but this is all wrong she not even gone and you sitting here shacked up playing house with another Bitch ! She should have left yo ass back in high school"

"Why can't you accept the fact that she's gone like everybody else !"I yelled "you think this was easy for me ! I had to move on not for me but my kids ! Sanii ain't waking up it hurts but it's life !"

" yous a do it for the kids ass nigga ! How the Fuck do you know that ! I ain't accepting shit until They take her off that fucking machine which you should have did ! Why can't y'all see where me and Ace coming from ? Sanii would have Never gave up on you !"

Everybody was quiet , I ain't know what to say cause she was right I gave up when I shouldn't have . she gave the kids hugs and kisses and grabbed her purse

"Bell don't leave it's Christmas we all family , we gon argue"

"No ima get out her house , ima go spend my Christmas with Sanii , when the last time you all went to go see her ? Oh ! Its like y'all forgetting about her and I'm not feeling that shit"

"We can never forget about her , but we can't keep on dewelling on some shit that's out of our fucking hands"

"Yous a bitch made ass nigga ! And if the kids wasn't in here I'll Fuck you up bitch"she said pointing to Kenya

"Ard now you trippin B get the Fuck out ! You not gon be talking that shit while she pregnant with my child you fuckn tweaking"

"I can't wait until she wakes up ! You gon regret it ! She's the best thing you ever happen to you and you just couldn't hold her down , Sanii wouldn't even dare look at a nigga ! She would be right at that hospital taking care of you ! You don't even go see her Nun of y'all do ! Dee you so far up her ass it don't even make no since Mark my muthafuckn words y'all are him to regret this shit ! When she wakes up she's gon be heart broken and I want you to kno it's gon to be all your fault "

With that She walked out , I went upstairs my mood was fucked up instead of going into my room I went into the guest room wanting to be alone , I layed down on the bed grabbing the picture of Sanii off the night stand

I smiled her hair was wild like she always have it and those piercing blue eyes was just drawin me in .... God I missed her so much

Kee'Onna and Da'Sahn came in the room and got on the bed with me

"Daddy , memom said come downstairs"kee said "what you looking at"

I grabbed them laying them on me so they can see the picture

"Dhats Mommy?"Da'Sahn asked
I was a lil surprised he know and he talked he really don't say much but about 2 words kee do all the talking

"Yea this y'all Mommy"

"She's so pretty , where is she?"kee asked

"She's in the hospital sleeping" I ain't really know what to say that was the best thing I could come up with

"When is she coming home?"

I didn't say anything , I blanked the tears away that was tryna come up

"She loves y'all very much always remember that , go downstairs and tell memom I'll be there in a second"

They got off the bed and raced out the the room

Soon as they left out I was in tears knowing everything bell said was true I'm sitting here making a life with another women that I grew to love over time while the other women I love , my first love is laying in the hospital

I can't even give my all to Kenya cause I still feel her presence and then again I don't want to give my all to her Cause to be honest

All I want is Sanii ,


Kenya pregnant ?

Bell going off ? Did she go to far ?

Kee called her Mommy is that wrong ? Should G have corrected her?

Why you think G moved on ?

Do you think he jus strangling Kenya along ?

Is it right for him to do that ?

Is dee fake for befriending Kenya?

Its been 2 years and nobody goes see her nomore , did They really forget about her ?

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