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Dasanii POV

I woke up to G soft snores , I examined his face carefully I noticed every scratch and light freckles and how his cheek bones flexed every 2 minutes

"Why you staring at me weirdo"G said causing me to jump

"Got dammit ! I ain't know you were up you scared me"

He opened his eyes and smiled at me

"Goodmorning buug"

"Goodmorning baby" I smiled

He licked his lips and pulled me closer these last 2 days we've been everything together I mean he would come in the bathroom with me when I had to per it was nerve racking at first but I know he was only doing it to stop me from questioning his love

That's why I love my baby he would do anything for me vice versa

"What you doing today"

"Well I planned a lil pampering party for me and the girls"

"Where at"

"At the hotel not here"

"Good cause I don't wanna see that girly shit , bet not be no strippers there"

"Baby what's a party without strippers"

He smacked my ass

"Ouchh ! .... I was only playing stupid"

"Let me come there and see some Fuck niggas up in there I'm shutting shit down"

I rolled out the bed

"You don't even know what hotel we gon be at"

"You not walking out this house without writing down the info try me of you want to"

I walked in the bathroom ignoring him , I don't know who the Fuck he think he is but I only got two daddy's one is in heaven and the other is with my momma getting on her nerves

I turned on the shower , turning it to the temperature I like I stepped in . this pamper day is what all of us girls needed but I did it for Shawnee the most. I know my baby needed to get away from the drama and away from the problems for a day

I didn't invite Sharay for two reasons one for Sharay sake and two for lying to me . I have yet seen her but when I do I will approach her about it and she no longer can stay under my roof , I can't trust her

I washed and did everything I needed and got out , I wrapped my towel around me and stepped out , I walks into the room G was makes on the bed

"Comere baby" he had that look in his eye

"No .... I don't got time for that babe"

"What you mean you ain't got time , come here"

"I got things to do , we went all night last night I barely got sleep"

"So you ain't got time to make love to ya man...... Is that what you saying"

"G don't start with me"I whined

He got up and wrapped his arms around my waist and started French kissing me . He pulled my towel off and Let it fall to the ground , he started rubbing me pearl

"G .. No teasing"

"I thought you aint want daddy"

He turned me around and slid in from the back I gasp at the fullness in my stomach . he sped up I was now touching my toes

"Shit .......yess Baby"I moaned

Dee dee POV

I was sitting up in my bed watching wendy she was going on about that Caitlyn man . I can only imagine the embarrassment Kris feels , her husband turning into a fucking women . I would have killed him I ain't going for that shit.

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