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Keenon POV

Its been a week since Sanii packed up her shit and left but I'm not worrying about it she'll be back ...... She always do . I love Sanii with everything I have even a blind man can see it so her talking about I disrespect her and other bull shit , she need to stop cause everything I do I do for us

She's mad cause I took her cousin on , I don't see nothing wrong with it .. Shouldn't no beef stop us from getting to no money and that's what Sanii don't get I'm tryna make it where for generations our family won't have to worry financially.

She wanted her space and I gave it to her it's been a week now it's time for her to come home , I miss her and I want her around me

I got dress and made my way to the studio to meet up with slim and Sharay I decided to always have slim there with me when I conducted business with her just for Sanii sake cause I knew she was jealous that's why see where we at as of right now. I tried everything to get her to see she the only one but I realized she has to see that for herself I mean when been together to long to think other wise

Sharay was in the booth writing while me and slim was catching up

"You still haven't talked to Sanii"he asked

"No , ima call her today and tell her being her ass home enough is enough it's been a week"

"I'm surprised you let it go on for this long , you can't function without her B"

"I know I ain't gon lie it was hard but I had to put up a front , she gotta realize I'm not gon jeopardize what we got for no hoe ass bitch"

"You think it's deeper than that?"

"Man iont know , you never know wit her whiney ass, that's my baby tho love her to death would give my heart of she needed it"I smiled at the thought of our love

"Y'all been together since teenagers that's goals"

"Man...she did a lot for me and I just wanna have enough to get her whatever she wants "

I member days I would go hungry and Sami would feed me. Me and my mama had fallen in hard times and couldn't pay bills Sami would give up her whole check from her job to make sure we didn't go without cause she wanted me out the streets , she believed in my dreams of who I am not ... I just wanna give that in return . I really don't want her to lift a finger. I always felt less of a man back when we was younger she would pay for dates and shit I feel like now it's my turn and ima do every and anything to get money so we won't have to go without

"What if I tell you sanii a special kind of women and Money and material things don't matter as long as she got you ,would you believe me ?"

"Yeah , I know that shit dont matter but I still feel the need to give her that option of anything she wants she can have"

"That's cool too , but I think You feel that you owe her for all that she did for you"

"I do"I shrugged my shoulders iont know what he tryna get at or prove

"Just know that Sanii loves you for you and not what you can give her that's all"

After the studio session I went home to my empty was house. I miss sanii so much . i decided to call her , when I called I got sent to voice mail I tryed 10 more times and the same thing happened . now I was getting worried

I ain't know where she went to when she left , I called her mom and dee dee but they all said they haven't talked to her nor seen her.... I texted her

Sanii when you see this message come home I miss you and I love you ....stop playing Me to let me know your okay I love you buug

Sanii POV

"Hahaha !.......... Stop let my leg go"I was laugh hysterically

"Not until you apologize"

"Okay okay I'm sorry"

"No say I apologize daddy hope"

"No I'm not saying that !"

He started tickling my feet again , I couldn't breathe I was laughing so hard

"Okay ..... I apologize daddy hope"

He laughed and let my leg go

"You better had"

I got back on the couch and we finished watching our movie

"You play too much"


Uh oh 😯

Now that y'all see where G coming from , who's in the wrong ? Dasanii or G

Do you think he should just cut all ties to Sharay ?

Do you think slim was right about Sanii ?

Sanii being over hopes , do you think that's gon cause trouble ?

Is she wrong for being over there ?

Who's babies are those ? Sike naw their Gs LOL 😝

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