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If there's options I don't want them
They're not worth my time
Cause if it's not you, oh no thank you I like us just fine
You're a rock in the sand
You're a smile in a cry
You're my joy through the pain
You're the truth through the lies
No matter what I do I know that I can count on you - Beyoncè

Dasanii POV

Me and bell walked out to the front seeing slim , dee dee and G , he smiled at me I smiled back , we signed the book and they let us go . I was so glad cause I couldn't deal being back there with them bitches

The cell smelled like fish and piss bitches was strung the Fuck out we almost got into another fight with a crackhead she was so fucking high she thought we was the ones who put her in jail I promise from here on out this is a place that I will never come back to

"Look at the jail birds"slim teased

"Shut up"bell said

"Lets get the Fuck out of here" G started walking out the exit I know he hate being around cops he hated cops period he said they red neck nigger snatchers and wants to kill us all

We all got in the car we dropped dee and bell off first then headed home slim was coming with us cause he was coming to mama house

When I first got in the house I got straight in the shower I had to get the cell smell off of me the shit was making me sick to my stomach 30 mins later I got out , G was sitting on the bed

I dried off and lotioned up and put on my bra and panties and got in the bed we weren't going to mamas til 2 and it was only 6:30 I had plenty time to sleep

"Why you had my phone last night?" G asked I should of known he was gon question me

"Because it was ringing all through the fucking night and I got tired of hearing it"

"Don't touch my shit no more , you did to much going to her house n shit anything could of happened"

"The dumb Bitch gave me her address so watever and you right I won't touch your shit anymore don't touch mines"

"You taking it as I'm tryna keep shit away from you No I'm not , you let her get you out ya character Fuck her ! And what she got to say unless she come to you , she gon send yo ass to jail now I gotta go smooth shit out"

"You ain't gotta do shit , and why can she even think she can talk slick out her mouth about me to you anyway , that's what I don't get is there something you not telling me "I thought back to the text messages

"Foreal tho You gon go there with me , ain't shit to tell and I always put her in her place , don't sit up here and act like I just let her disrespect you"

"I mean you basically do she been disrespecting me ever since she found out about me and you continue to keep her around , what type of shit is that"

"Sanii I don't wanna argue , just don't do that shit again without me knowing"


"So now you gotta attitude"

"I'm going to sleep"

I closed my eyes , he just kissed me the Fuck off


I woke up around 12:30 , G wasn't by my side , I got up did my hygiene and got dressed I put on some white cut up jeans with my gold hightop chanel sneakers and my white short sleeve shirt . I straightened my hair then put it in a high bun I put on my gold watch and my ghetto gold big hoop earrings I was cut and my ass was looking right it barely looked like I had a stomach , white usually makes me look bigger

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