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It ain't your spit game, it's your dick game
That got me walking 'round ready to wear your big chain - Onika

Dasanii POV

"Bae"Yg shook me "wake up"

I stirred then sat up still mad at him from earlier disrespect


"Monica will be here in a min"he said

"I don't care, I dont feel like talking ,talk to her Ya Damn self"

"It's important and I don't want you blindsided by this"

"Keenon I said I don't wanna talk to that bitch"

"Fuck is your problem!"

"My problem is that you had bitches in my house 3 at that chilling like you single having a good time , when you know you ain't clean up Shit from last night and I had to do it before I went to work, your not a lil ass boy keenon !"

"We was just chilling it ain't even nothing to be mad about Damn you stay nagging the last time I checked this is my muthafuckn house I don't have to ask for company shit and I told you I was gon to clean it up you took it upon ya self to do it so don't get mad at me"

I got out the bed and went in the closet started getting my clothes, this is one of the reasons I don't want a nigga taking care of me exactly why I want my own shit so muthafuckas won't throw shit up in my face

"What is you doing yo you drawlin"he said

"What it look like I'm getting my things and getting up outta Ya shit"

He sighed coming over grabbing my clothes out the bag and putting them back , I kept packing

"Yo you know I ain't mean that shit chill"

"Yes you did"

He snatched the clothes outta my hands and the suit case and threw it in the closet stepping in front of it

"I didn't mean it I'm sorry baby"

"Your not, you keep doing this shit Like I can't go get my own Fuck that move out my way"

"Sanii calm yo ass down , you not going no Fucking where I'm sorry ard" he pulled me into him hugging me tightly "I'm not gon bring no more bitches up in our house and ima start cleaning up after myself I promise don't leave me ma please"his voice croaked

I be telling keenon I would leave him every time we get into an argument when he would throw his money and shit in my face , I guess when he saw me start packing my shit he knew I wasn't playing

"You can't keep doing this shit "

"I know baby I'm sorry I ain't mean that shit"

"I gotta keep my word tho"

I tried moving outta his embrace but he held me tighter

"Dasanii don't do this shit Yo ! Please don't go you know I need you by my side ma" I looked up in his eyes and they were glossy he was on a verge of crying I held my laughter , I haven't seen him cry in a long time since high school when we would argue I would go days without talking to him and he would mope around like a lil puppy.

"I don't want no more bitches in our house especially ones who can't speak when the queen arrives as a man my man you should have said something "I said

"I know baby I'm sorry"

"Yeah okay let me go"

"Can I have a kiss please?"


He sucked his teeth and let me go , he knew I was bouta give him a hard time for the rest of the week for his actions but I ain't care he's not gon keep coming out the side of his neck towards me,

He let me go and I got back in the bed , I meant what I said about Monica I ain't wanna talk to that bitch about nothing right now , I wish he just get another publicity manger cause I don't like her but keenon swear she's the best , shit please I can do her job my coo coo for coco puffs cousin Willma can do her job

Keenon POV

"So you not gon come see what Monica want"I asked

"I don't give a Fuck what she wants she's your manager not mine"

"You know I gotta a few more days till I go on tour so when it's a good time for you?"

"In neverary on the 12th "

"Sanii !"

She is so stubborn it doesn't make no sense, she not to fond of Monica cause she tried to push up on me , they actually fought at my album release party sanii tore her a new ass , it's funny just thinking about it. I ain't fire Monica ass cause she one of the best out here plus she barely charge me cause you know she crushing on a nigga. Monica a pretty girl and all but I'm not really a fan of lightskinned girls I love my girls thick and chocolate like my baby

I swear God created her just for me it's crazy cause still to this day i still got the biggest crush on Dasanii, her body is everything big ass titties fat ass and it's pillow soft them thighs drive a nigga brazy. Them eyes drawl me in everytime she look at me I feel like she staring into my soul but what locked me down was How sweet she was no matter how hard a time people gave her she still smile and be graceful her personality I adore , it's never a regular conversation like with most of these hood rats , we would talk about everything under the sun , atoms , weed , sex , culture , clocks anything you could think of and it was always interesting

I wouldn't trade my girl in for the world not even for the baddest bitch cause in my eyes Dasanii is the baddest cause they sure don't make Em Like her nomo ima lucky nigga for sure

"Tell her she can come in the morning, I'm taking off"she said

"Why you taking off ma?"

"Cause my body is exhausted I need rest before I have an heart attack"

"You need to start eating right and I'm not talking about ya weight I love it but you know it's not healthy"

"I know , I'll get it right someday"

"You beautiful in my eyes still witcha thick ass"

She blushed giving me that million dollars smile

"Don't even try it you still in the dog house"

"I just wanna taste it baby, come on"

She acted like she was thinking putting her hand on her chin , she know she wanted some of this super head. I pulled her to the edge of the bed and got on my knees she aint have no panties on which made it better

"Yg dont-

I pushed her legs open and back and dug right in sucking on her pearl she gasped making me know I got her , I stuck 2 fingers in her going in and out putting pressure on her spot while flicking my tongue on her clit

"Ohhhhh babe right there"she moaned

She began grinding her hips against my tongue, my whole hand was dripping wet her juices were flowing. I was eating her pussy like it was my last meal

"Shit I'm bouta cum"

"Let that shit go"I muttered against her pussy

I started to nibble and suck on her clit at the same time , she was now pushing my head in deeper between her legs and grinding on my tongue harder she froze up and let out a pleasurable scream her legs were shaking my dick was hard as a rock I pulled my pants down and slowly but deeply slid in before she could even say anything , through out the night all you heard was our moans hitting the walls with its echo

We made sweet love all night long. Maybe her ass would stop tripping now


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