You Don't Care

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"See I heard it all before , all of ya lies , all of ya sweet talk , baby this baby that"

Kenya POV

G was getting the kids dressed and going back to the hospital , my blood is boiling it's like he dropped me already , he forgetting about me and I'm carrying his child , he be gone all day don't even check on me I'm tired of this shit . I'm already dressed so I'll be going to visit the bitch with them today , G has me fucked up if he think shit about to go down this way

I was putting on my shoes when he walked in the room , BTW he's been sleeping on the couch

"Where you going?"he asked

"I'm coming with y'all"

"What? , naww you aint"

"And why is that? , why can't I go ? You got some shit you wanna tell me ? "I put all of my weight on my right leg and placed my hand on my stomach "I will not allow you to get me all in my feelings having me thinking we gon be something but then she awake you wanna forget about me!"

"Kenya ain't nobody forgetting-

"I ain't ask for this shit ! You did !"

"First all lower your fucking voice , my kids in the next room"

"Now they just your kids ? Like I ain't help raise them like they came out my ass ! I swear on everything if-

"If what ?! You fucking tripping , Fuck you wanna go for ? Don't sit up here and act like we ain't talk about the possibilities"

"I don't give a Fuck what we talked about ! You wanted to move forward with me ! I'm here carrying your fucking child we made a home together ' I love those kids just as much as you do , you can't snatch that away from me. ! Your being selfless what about me and my baby ?!"


"No Fuck you ! Go"

"Chill the Fuck out , you doing the most right now .... Ima be here for my child-

"What about me ?"

He sighed , I stormed out the room tears streaming down my face , niggas ain't shit !

"Kenya wait" he was chasing after me

"No , leave me alone " I turned to face him in the living room "your selfish , if you think you can just treat me like this you thought wrong"

"I'm sorry , lets talk about-

"No ! Ain't shit left to talk about , just know I will have the last laugh"

"What the Fuck is that suppose to mean !"

I walked out the door getting into my car , I pulled off dialing a number l on the car phone

"Hello?"the voice boomed through the speaker

"Yea it's me , I'm coming through"

"Key under the mat , I'll be home in a few"

Dasanii POV

Flash back

"I know you going back to that nigga!"He barked which caused me to jump

"N-no dee needs me"

"Bitch shit up ! You talk when I say you can !"

Damn I should of told see to meet me here. Fear was running through my body , I never saw hope this angry . I wanted G to come get me so bad but I know that wouldn't happen . I had to figure a way out of this

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