wrong decision

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Man I can understand how it might be kinda hard to love a girl like me I don't blame you much for wanting to be free ...I just wanted you to know-Rihanna

Keenon POV

I woke up this morning regretting how I talked to Sanii when I got back this morning all her clothes were gone and she left the ring on the bed , I dropped to my knees it's just so much shit on my mind I'm tryning to hold it together but I'm slowly breaking. I'm tryna do right by her but it's like I can't I fucked up even though it wasn't my fault I still fucked up and Monica is the only one to blame for this

Every time me and sanii get right we fall off and this time I don't think we getting back on track and the pain is eatting me alive we both said some things we can't get back I was angry cause she was ignoring me. But I should have known better than to kiss that girl like that I was just tryna make it seem real and sanii right a real man wouldn't do no shit like this

I tried calling her phone a million times but it just keep going to voicemail , I don't know what I'm going to do everything is falling out of pluse and I need help and the only person that can help me fix it is my momma.

I called her

"Hey son how's everything going?"

I sighed

"Mom it's me and sanii"

"What's going on?" she sounded concerned

"We had a big fight I said some things told her to go home but I ain't mean home I meant to the hotel"

"Okay so she went home"

"But that's not all ma , she left the ring on the bed"I croaked

"Awww no son why , how did you guys start arguing"

"I kissed kash at the concert"

"What did I tell you , I knew that shit was a bad idea "

"Can you go talk to her"

"What am I suppose to do G , You know that shit wasn't him sit well with her that's why you signed the papers before you even told her , you was being sneaky and ya fucked yaself at the end"

"Ma please I know but ..... Nevermind"

She sucked her teeth

"I'll go talk to her , but If you want her to be your wife you have to start making decisions with her and not for her"

"I know mom I know"

Dasanii POV

I was laying in the bed me and yg share looking at tv or you can say the tv was looking at me . I'm not even dewelling on the argument me and keenon had cause for some reason I don't care I'm really over the bullshit

I simply left the ring cause I feel as though we are not ready to get married and that's nothing but the truth . yea I've been ignoring his phone calls simply because I don't feel like talking to him I'm tired of hearing the sorries and the stupid I love yous I'm just tired ..... Honestly I'm tired of loving him , over the years this not has taking me the emotional rollercoaster I'm tired of riding it's bout time that I got off

But I don't want to leave him of course I still love him I invested so much of my time into him I'll be Damn if I see another chick on his arm , I came to the conclusion that we need a break , ima go stay with my mom for awhile til I get my own place . maybe after his contract is done with kash if we on track we can take them steps but right now I need to go

Most of my things were packed up and down stairs I was only taking my clothes , shoes all the shit that value me and a picture of me and Keenon ima buy all new shit .

"Saniii !!!"

I snapped out my thoughts when I heard G scream my name , how the Fuck did he get here so quickly. He busted in the room with a box I his hand

"What's going on ? You leaving?"

"Yes I am Keenon we need a break"

"Who needs a break sanii , we don't take no fucking breaks"

"Keenon We do , things are not going good with us right now and all the shit you said I know you've been wanting to say that for a very long time"

"Baby I was fustrated we both said some things we don't fucking mean , we always argue and fight but we work through them like this minor bump in the road "

"I'm tired when are these minor bumps gon to stop"

"They never gon to stop sanii ! I choose you to go through Hell and back with, iont know about you but I plan on spending the rest of my life with you"

"You know that's what I want"

"Then you know we don't take breaks if you mad take your ass in the guess room"

I smiled ....... I hate it how he sucks me back in so quickly , sanii put your door down

"Keenon I think this will be good for us"

"No it won't , I'm not letting you leave I cancelled the rest of my tour , I'm not going nowhere until We fix this"

"How you tryna be my husband when you don't fucking listen to me and you don't take my feelings into consideration , I'm not doing this with you"

"What you want me to do , I'll drop the contract you know what"

I watched him take his phone out of his pocket , I jumped up when I seen a flash go off

"What are you doing"

"I'm bouta show you off to the world and tell them your mines"

I tryed to snatch his phone out his hands

"No don't do that"

"Its to late it's already done"he grabbed me into his embrace "I meant what I said when I told you I'm here forever baby I know I Fuck up but I'll do anything to make it back right if I gotta kill a few muthafucka you know I will"

"I don't want to keep fighting"

"I don't care how many times we fight as long I get to make up with you at the end"

I kissed his lips ...... He got me I don't care ima sicker for him . I love him No matter how bad I wanna go he always gets me to stay ....... A fool for love is a fool for pain


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