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Flash Back

I was in olive garden waiting for Monique to show up oh I mean Monica , you guessed it ! She said that she needed to say some things to me in person at first I was like no Bitch Fuck you but she started crying and I felt bad . y'all know I got a good heart so I agreed now I'm sitting her waiting mind you this skout 5 mins late

My phone started ringing it was G , i know he wondering where I'm at since I left this morning , last night I was so mad not really at him but his bitch ass fans

See I haven't been on my social media accounts in awhile and when I finally got on I had numerous friend requests , hella comments some negative some positive but one bitch spoke out to me her name was @MurdaaJ. She kept talking all this shit on my pics I just kept seeing her name and it was pissing me the Fuck off . I had enough I clicked on her page to see who she was she was pretty lightskin your Average "Badd Bitch" ya regular hoe but she looked mighty familiar but I couldn't pinpoint her

I screenshotted her pic and sent it to dee to see if she remembered her and when dee texted me back letting me know who it was I wanted to immediately link up with that hoe. It was his ex bitch or you can say temporary hoe me and G broke up for like a month back in high school and he was fucking around with Jalay. I hated that hoe still do

Me and G got into an argument about her last night , yea it was dumb the bitch can't Fuck with me anyways but just thinking about it got me tight and now I was playing the ignoring game knowing Damn well when I get home ima be up under him

I declined his call when Monica sat down I didn't even notice she was here

"Hey Dasanii"


The waiter came over and took our order , I got my usual shrimp and chicken Alfredo and a glass of red wine

"I know we had problems in the past and I'm here to solve them , I apologize"

She sounded sincere but it was all of a sudden nd I wasn't feeling it at all

"What's your motive? Why now?"

"There's no motive"

"Your lying , I'm far from stupid you coming outta the blue to apologize to me you want something"

I seen it in her eyes I'm just waiting for her to spill it

"I'm a nice person to get along with we actual could have been cool but ya stank ass attitude and you wanting my man just didn't mix , all them stunts You did in the past and me beating yo ass for them should have been a wake up call but no see you here again ready to start ya shit and I'm telling you now Monica I will slit ya fucking thoart ! So don T play with me and be honest what do you want"

"G fired me..............and the only way he said I could get the job is if you give it back to me" I laughed "sanii before you say no just think about it please , all my other clients let me go G was the only one left I need this.....please"

The waiter brought our food to the table it looked so delicious

"I'll never knock someone when they down , I'm too good for that even after all ya petty Bullshit I wouldn't want to see nobody out on the streets" I sipped my wine "if I give you this job back I need two things , I'm demanding it or ya done "


I took a bite out of my food savoring the taste

"Respect and honesty , if you can't respect me as G wife you can't eat with us , if you can't be honest that means I can't trust you and if I can't trust you you're a snake if you a snake I gotta watch my back I don't keep snakes in my backyard"

"I promise"


"Well while we talk about honesty I do have something to confess , so there won't be no secrets just a clean slate built on trust"

I had an errie feeling this bitch was gon tell me something I don't like , I scooted my chair back and egged her on I swear I f I think it is what she's bouta say ima beat that ass

"Back in Hawaii a couple days before you came I had sex with G but it wasn't his fault" she said quickly but I caught every word

I scrunched up my face , I was mad

"Wasn't his fault ?"

"I drugged him I slipped him a roofie"

This Bitch must be stupid thinking after she tells me she fucked my man but drugged him to do it was still gon work for him ? She got life double fucked up

"Bitch you are the dumbest Bitch I ever met , you do know my man has a heart condition plus asthma you slipped him a roofie , my husband could have died" I was way to calm that I scared myself

"I'm so sorry I wasn't thinking"

I grabbed my wine glass and slammed it over her head causing it to shatter , I pulled her across the table by her hair knocking over our food , punching her in her face repeatedly , she tried to swing back but unfortunately they were misses , the employees was tryna get me off of her but it wasn't working they gon need a whole army if they want this bitch alive

"Sanii stop"

I turned around and seen Hope

"She's not worth it let her go , you won"

I looked down I still had her by her hair

"Bitch if I ever see you again , ya done"

I let her go making her got her head on the table




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