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4 Months later

"We did it sis " bell squealed "he's so beautiful"

Dasanii passed out sleep after going through 11 hours of labor she was exhausted

She placed Da'Shawn Kahn Jackson in Dasanii Arms , looking into his eyes it's like her whole world stopped nothing but love filled her heart she beamed with pride

"Me brother ?" Dasahn asked for the millionth time looking up over the bed tryna see his brother

Kee'onna was knocked out sleep in Roy arms while momma Sweet held Love of course her and bell switched every now and then feeding them and holding them while Roy tried to keep the busy twins occupied

Momma sweet was so happy about adding her fourth grandchild to the list she was oh so proud of her daughter and grateful might I add

"His name -

"Keenon told us already Da'shawn Kahn"bell cut her off

A few minutes passed when slim rolled Dee dee in the room

"Where's my god baby" she looked around the room "sanii give him up"

Dee dee was finally released out of the hospital after months of healing and rehabilitation she was doing just fine even though she couldn't fully walk on her own yet , but day by bay she was getting her strength back

"Look at my baby , hey bugaboo I'm you god mommy"she cooed making Da'shawn make a screeching sound Boy got some strong lungs

Sanii looked around as everyone occupied their selves with the kids , her heart sunked when her mind wondered to G

She knew it hurt him not to be here for the birth of their baby boy , thinking back to that day she was grateful but also sad , yeah hope is dead and gone but the love of her life got put in jail because of it , so many nights sanii blamed herself if she would of never went over there none of this would even be relavent but G made sure to erase that out of her head

It's been four months and it feel like he been gone for years and then knowing there's maybe a chance that he get years even though it was self defense , and even though they have all the evidence they still tryna keep him locked up , he already had a long record adding this will be total damage not only that there's a woman who's fighting , getting lawyers in the defense of Hopes crazy Ass

In the mist of all the drama going on she thanked god for still giving her reasons to smile ...... Her kids

5 months later

Sanii was in her room folding clothes , she put the kids in front of the TV to keep them still for a atleast 15 minutes to get this out the way

She made sure Love and Da'shawn was secured in their swing and gave them bottles and the twins had their snacks also . Mickey Mouse club house was always a Savior

2hours later she woken up , all the kids were in the bed , twisting her face she couldn't remember this doing all she remembered was folding clothes

Rubbing her face she felt something scratch her left eye , quickly removing her hands from her face she was faced with a beauty Diamond ring , she gasped in awe

Rubbing her face she felt something scratch her left eye , quickly removing her hands from her face she was faced with a beauty Diamond ring , she gasped in awe

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