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"Heared you found you another but she's not me , how could you love her"

Dasanii POV

"I gotta tell you something" he got up from the bed and started to pace the floor

"G what's wrong ?"

"Sanii I'm sorry I know your gonna hate me baby but I'm sorry I fucked up I did baby"

"Keenon you're scaring me baby tell me what's wrong"

"I can't , i-im not man enough for you and I'm sorry , I'm sorry You gotta believe me , I never wanted things to go this way but you were gone"

I stared at him pacing the floor in tears , I never seen g in such a dramatic state except for one time , I'm taking that story to grave with me. Just by him saying that I was gone I know what he have done

"G just tell me please...."

" i-i met someone"

I knew it , am I stupid for wanting to work it out ? I was gone he didn't know I was gon to wake up , am I stupid for still wantin to be with him?

"We started out as friends , she was here when our kids was born ,"

Is it okay for me to be hurt ? Well I am

"We didn't make it official off the bat , it took about 2 years , she moved in "

"In the same house we shared together?" he nodded his head yes , tears ran down my eyes "o-okay we still can make it work I'll forgive you ok"

He shook his head no ,I was torn , if it was vice versa I would have stuck by him , but everybody don't think like me , He just got lonely right ? ,

"Why not ? , you love her ?"

My heart was thumping for some reason I'm scared for the answer that's gonna come out of his mouth

"I got love for her , but that's not the reason"

"Then what's the reason I don't understand !"

He didn't say nothing , he ain't have to cause I caught on , I turned away from him , I couldn't believe this he doesn't even have an ounce of loyalty in him ! I would have never done that unless I was sure , I wouldn't of care if he was just fucking another girl but to start a relationship Fuck that a family ! With my kids , My Fucking kids ! And get her pregnant ... I am Done

I let out an pericing scream , you would of thought I was in physical pain but no it was emotional pain it felt like my heart been ripped out and stepped on over and over again

"Baby im-

"Shut up ! I don't wanna here ya lies anymore , I hate you "

"You don't mean that"

"Yes I do I wish I never met you ! I wish that I would have walked away from you !"I sobbed " I hate you so much i hate that I love you so much it makes me sick ! No more ! I'm done"

"Buug please don't ..... Just give us some time don't leave me"

"Don't leave you ! But you left me ! You left me and went to go play family how could you love her G ! She's not me ! "


"She's not me ! I don't care what she do she could never match my score , she can't replace me"

"She never took ya place , you still got my heart and soul Sanii she was there to comfort me and things lead on I'm sorry ! I love you too much i don't want her"

"We're done"

"I'm not letting you go"

"We're Done !"

"I'm not letting you go !"

"You don't have a fucking choice , for now on it's all about my kids"

"Tell me what to do I'll do it baby please just don't give up on me , I'm not letting you go"

I layed back and closed my eyes , I felt so used , how could he give another Bitch my dream ! I wish I would have died , why God why did I have To wake up to this ! Why didn't you let me come home .

I felt the bed dip in , I knew it was G cause I smelt his cologne, he wrapped his arms around me tight, we didn't say a word . I meant everyword I said tho
I can't do it no more this was the last straw

Maybe we are jus not to be , I'm so tired of the same ol selfish love


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