"Naw in frisb , yes in dating"

"I think your one of a kind baby , you know you for this charm that I don't see in nobody else not even in myself trust me I looked , you got this way about you that I can't understand you would have to ask sanii she knows but being around you can brighten anybodies day"

I sighed

"You have to tell me that"

"Now you know I holds my tongue for no one , I'm dead serious any man would be lucky to have you"

"Not ace"

"That's because he's not a man , now if he ever decides to grow up he gon realize he had a good thing with you and realize he fucked up trust me "

I smiled

"You're right next relationship I go into ima make sure he wants me for me and not my assets"

"Yass Bitch make em work for it "

"Oh I plan to"

Dasanii POV

Me and G was in the bed watching Tv , I still was shooken up by yesterday it brought back memories I wasn't ready to face . tootsie knowing this whole time about Shawnee Lord knows she knows everything else Troy done did

It hurts me to know that any mother can watch they child go through that pain and not give a flying Fuck . I was starting to think what was so special about Sharay also why the Fuck did you only protect her , I was starting to feel some type of way. As of right now and how I'm feeling I wanted her out my house and now that I know she fucked kajon I don't want her around G I don't give a Fuck what he was helping her with , she burned them bridges last night

"Buug I think we should go on a trip"

"That sounds good where?"

"Anywhere you want "

"I wanna go to the Bahamas"


It got quiet after that it was an heart breaking silence , these few weeks hasn't been lovely at all this is the first time we actually sat and talked , ever since Sharay came she's been occuping his time

It just don't feel the same no more I don't feel that spark and I'm worried

"G you still wanna marry me?"

He looked at me side ways

"What ?!"

"Do you still wanna make me your wife"

"Babe" he got up and came over to my side "you second guessing us aren't you"

"I don't feel the regular us , we always fighting and I hate it , it's always something"

"Its always gon be something buug but I rather ride it out with you , I know you thinking that Sharay is your competition but I assure you she's nowhere in your league babe"

I smiled all cheesy I felt my heart skip a beat I felt that spark in my spine

"I would marry you a billion times ? You kno how many times is that"

"A life time"

"A life time babe I love my blue eyes dipped in chocolate black girl" I giggled "nobody can take ya place ever so stop second guessing "

He got up and went to his dresser and grabbed something and came back over , he grabbed my hand and slid my engagment ring on and slid a band on his finger that i never saw before

"I got mines a few days ago"he said answering what I was about to ask "no more second guessing?"

"Never no more babe" I leaned in and kissed his lips sucking on his bottom lip before I pulled back

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