Gene X Reader (Sick2) !HALLOWEEN SPECIAL!

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(Y/N)'S P.O.V

"Do I have to go to this party with you?," I sighed heavily. My best friend decided to drag me to this party with here. I didn't want to go to this party, nor did I want to dress up. But here I am at this party, dressed as the most basic ass vampire with some fangs, and just a regular outfit. "Yes, you had to go. You are still single, you need some edge in your life, you book worm," my best friend had rubbed in my face.

We got to the door, and she just opened the door. The smell of alcohol, and cigs were all you could smell. The smell of cigs don't bother me as much, considering I smoke. But alcohol wasn't something I drunk everyday. It was very rare I did actually. So the smell did bother me a bit.

"Hey I'm going to go dance, will you be ok by yourself?" My friend said as soon as we walked through the door. I just waved her off, rolling my eyes. Great, I'm abandoned here. I know no one at this party. My friend just dragged me here, since I need to 'go live my life'. Geez, 'm just going to sit at the bar.

I basically had to push my way through the people to get to where I wanted to be, but I somehow made it. I sat down at the bar, and ordered myself two shots of vodka. I literally need something strong anyway. Once my two shots got to me, I downed them both quickly. The bitter drink running down my throat made me make a face, but I did it.

"Wow, you sure can handle some alcohol." I looked over to my right side, and saw someone sitting next to me. He had short black hair, two lip piercings, and an eyebrow piercing. He was also dressed as a vampire, but it seems he put more effort in his costume than I did. He was kind of cute though, so this may be my chance to talk to someone.

"Yeah, I really needed it." I smiled at him. He smiled back, and introduced himself. "Hello, I'm Gene. Nice to meet you."

"Hi. . .I'm (Y/N), my pleasure." Damn it, I'm so formal all the time. I need to not be so formal all the time. "So, (Y/N), How are you liking the party so far," he asked me. I rolled my eyes, not to be rude, and turned my chair around to face him. "Well, this isn't really my thing. I had to push through people, my best friend basically abandoned me, and I didn't want to come here anyway."

"Oh no, bummer. Well try to enjoy it while you can," His tone was upbeat, and happy. "Yeah, ok. I don't think I will. It's too noisy, and people are everywhere."

"Well it is a party. Music is going to be loud, people are going to be everywhere. Did you not know that (Y/N)?"

"I know. But like I said, I didn't want to be here anyway." I crossed my arms over my chest, looking away from Gene. "Well," he trailed on. "Let's go upstairs," he suggested. "Can we go upstairs ? I mean is the host going to be ok with that?"

"Well, no one is allowed upstairs. But I am the host. So I'm sure I can do what I want." He laughed, and my eyes widened in shock. Oh fuck, I insulted his party in front of his face. "Oh shit, I am so sorry. I mean, I didn't mean to insult your party like that," I went on apologizing before he just randomly kissed me.

My eyes were about the size of gold balls, and I literally didn't know what to do. Luckily, he pulled away before I panicked, and he only laughed when he saw my face. "I wanted you to hush, but I also wanted you to get the hint," he winked at me. And I tilted my head in confusion. "Hint about what?" He laughed, and stood up, offering me his hand. "I'll tell you when we get upstairs."

Hesitantly, I grabbed his hand, and he led me upstairs. It was nice, and quiet upstairs, and there wasn't any people or loud music. He led me to a room, and he shut the door behind him. I sat down on the bed, but he only stood by the door. "So, how old are you? I forgot to ask you that." He laughed a little. "I'm 22," I responded. He let out a breath. I'm guessing he was afraid I'd be underage.

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