Hiro x Reader (Nocturnal Bloodlust)

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* This chapter contains sexual content, and acts of sexual behavior. Please read at your own risk. If you do not want to read anything of the sort, pleas move on to the next chapter of this book. I will write a cleaner version of this if you want. You have been warned!*

(Y/N) P.O.V

Me, and Hiro finally moved into our new place. It was bigger then our past place. This place has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a huge kitchen, a living room that's about the size of the 2 bedrooms put together, and a dinning room, which we kept empty for space.

I decorated the living room with a olive green ,colored couch, and paired it with some brown, throw pillows. There was a recliner chair in the corner, which was brown to match the pillows. We had put our flat screen television on the wall, an we put up string lights around the living room, instead of a lamp. We had a fire place below the television as well.

Our room had a dark purple, and black color scheme to it. We had a purple duvet cover, black sheets, and mix of dark purple, and black pillows. We had out TV on the wall, just like the living room, and a huge walk in closet for both us. We had a bathroom in our room as well, and went for a blue colored bathroom. Our room was huge, and spacious, so we had room to walk around.

Once we had finally settled in, and put emptied out the last box for the kitchen, Hiro went into the room, and I followed. He grabbed some sleep clothes, and put them in our bathroom. I laid down in my bed, and watched him walk past the room grabbing clothes, and a towel.

"Are you just going to stare at me?" Hiro laughed. I smirked at him. Looking him up down. I bit my lip at him.

"Yes, I'm going to just stare at you. I mean, why wouldn't I?" I just realized that I gave him a huge self-confidence boost. He already has a big ego, I just made it bigger.

"Mmm, so you like what you see?" He began to take his shirt off, and I liked my lips at the sight. His toned abs, and muscles always turned me on. He got on top of me, and looked me up, and down, and smirking at me. He slowly moved towards my lips, and we began kissing.

It started off gentle, and passionate, but became rough as we kept kissing. He licked my bottom lip asking for permission, and just to tease him, I denied. He smirked under the kiss, and slid his hand up my shirt. His fingers were cold, causing me to gasp, and he took the chance to stick his tongue in my mouth. He immediately took for dominance. The kiss was getting deeper, and more rough, if that's even possible.

He started to move towards my neck, sucking, and licking on it. I was trying to suppress my moans to tease him a bit, but he bit down on my skin causing me to let out a moan. He was leaving love bites across my neck. I was getting really turned on, and I was about to strip, when he got up off me. I grunted in frustration

"I'm going to take a shower." Hiro smiled at me, and went into our new bathroom. I watched him walk into the bathroom, and close the door. 'I couldn't believe what he just did.' He's just gonna let me sit here, turned on, while he takes a shower. I sighed, and turned on our TV. I decided to watch some horror movies, until he got out the shower.

I heard the shower turn off, and heard the door open. I look over to see Hiro only in boxers. He looked over at me, and I turned my head away from him. He laughed at my actions.

"I see your upset about earlier (Y/N)." He said, getting into bed next to me. He cuddle me close to him, and I tried to ignore it.

"Yes I'm upset, but I will get over it." I said. 'I couldn't ignore him. Especially since I could feel his bare chest against my back. I turned around, and we looked at each other.

"I didn't want to mess up our new sheets. I just brought these yesterday." Hiro laughed. He came in for a kiss, and I returned it. I was about to pull away when he brought my face back into his. 'Here we go again.' I thought to myself. He started to move towards my neck again, but instead I pushed him away, and went to wards his neck.

I began licking, and sucking his neck like he did me. I was leaving love bites on his neck, and chest. I started kissing his chest, and trailing lower, and lower until I got toward his wait. I grabbed the top of the boxers, with me teeth, and began pulling them down. I took them off, and grabbed his member. I looked up at him, and smirked.

I started licking the tip, teasing him just a bit. I put my mouth around at the tip, and slowly bobbed my head. I began taking in more, and more. He grabbed my head, and began pushing my head deeper, and deeper on him. 'My gag reflexes are pretty good, if I do say so myself.' He started making noises.

"Ah...A-AH (Y/N).. I'm about to..." Before he could release. I pulled away. I could hear him grunt in disappointment. I went towards him, and kissed his forehead.

"Okay Hiro, I'm going to take a shower. See you in a few." I got off of the bed, and walked away. I saw him look at me with wide eyes. It's like he couldn't believe what had just happened. When I closed the door to the bathroom, I heard him yell out.

"Oh, your gonna get it when you get out of there."


A/N: I warned you. I will be including a warning on the top of chapters like this one. Well, I have a writing schedule planned out for you guys, so I will try to update, and stay on my schedule. I hope you guys enjoyed this, and you can leave your request in the comments, or private message me on here.

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