39(Saku) X Reader (Killaneth)

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39 P.O.V

My girlfriend went missing. I can't seem to find her anywhere. I called her phone 12 times so far, and left 12 voice messages. She went out to get us some food for tonight, but she hasn't been back in hours. That's not like her to be out for hours at a time without contacting me.

I'm worried about her. I just hope she's okay, and her phone just died. But her phone was on a full charge when she left. I know that because I make sure it is when she leaves the house at night. I make sure that she has me on speed dial just in case anything happens, and she need to get in contact with me immediately.

My heart is racing, and I can't feel my body. The only thing that's on my mind is (Y/N)'s well-being. Maybe if I call her again, she might be able to pick up this time. I dialed her number again for the 13th time tonight.

*Rings, Rings, Rings*

No answer. My mind is going crazy, while my body is going numb at the thought of her being in danger. I can't take this no more! I slide on my shoes, and grab my keys from the counter in the kitchen. I make sure i have my phone with me, and I leave the house. I need to make sure she is okay, and not hurt. I need to go find her, before I lose my sanity.

I walk outside in the warm air. It's dark outside, and I'm only wearing a pair of sweatpants, and a tank top. I didn't care about my appearance at the moment. I just want to find my girlfriend, and bring her home to me.

I want to cuddle in bed with her, while we eat our food. I want to watch horror movies with her, and protect her from the terrifying scenes in the movie. I want to be able to comfort her, and be able to talk to her about her day at work, and tell her about my band's new song. I want her here with me right now, but I can't. At least not at this moment. My main priority is finding her, and bringing her home safely.

I walk towards the direction of the grocery store, and there it is. A crime scene. I'm hoping that this isn't about my girlfriend. I run over to where everyone is standing. I try to pass the police tape that they have up, but a police officer stops me. I began to scream.

"Who got hurt here?" The police officer looked at me. "Do you know the girl who got hit here?" My heart stopped. The chances of it being her went up by 50%. It's a girl who got hit here, my girlfriend is missing, and this is where she went.

"I might know her. What's her name?" I asked the officer. He went over to the police tape, and started talking with the crime scene investigators. My whole body was shaking at this point. I need to know if this was her, or not. Because if so, I want to know exactly what happened here. The police officer began walking in my direction, and crossed back over to the side I was on.

"According to the I.D we found her name is (Y/N) (L/N)." I dropped to my knees. Tears started pouring out of my eyes. I feel like my heart stopped from a moment. I had a sad, yet dead expression on my face. The officer kneeled down to my level, and put hand on my shoulder.

"Where is she now?"

"She has been transported to the hospital." I started to have some hope that she was actually going to be okay right now.

"I need to know exactly what happened here." The police officer raised a brow at me, and started to look me up, and down.

"What's your relationship with this woman?"

"That's my girlfriend, soon to be wife." the officer's eyes widen, and he helped me up from the ground. He put his hand back on my shoulder, and pointed to some guy in a blue shirt, who is standing next to a truck.

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