Yuuki x Reader (Lycaon)

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Yuuki X Reader

A/N: I love the band Lycaon, but I really don't know much about Yuuki, but it was a request, and I'm gonna try my hardest to make this good. ~ Enjoy ^_^ ~


It was a normal day in my household. My boyfriend Yuuki is off today, and he is messing with our cat Oliver. He always likes to mess with the cat for some reason. While I'm just reading a manga.

"(Y/N), Wanna do something?" He finally decided to ask me that question after sitting in silence for about an hour.

"Sure, What do you wanna do?" I responded back with a smile.

"Hmmm...How about we go to that new trampoline park that just opened up. Since your supposedly very flexible , I want you to prove to me you are." He had said to me smiling.

"Sure, but haven't you seen that I was very flexible? Do I really need to prove it to you?" I had asked him very curious on why he wants to see me do flips.

"I've only noticed you are very flexible in bed ;), not on solid ground, or trampolines." He had winked at me, trying to hold back his laughs.

"HEY!!" I had just caught on to what he said.

"I'm very serious though, you are flexible in bed." I had hit him in his arm

"Ouchh!! Meanie." He had a fake frown on his face.

"Come on, let's go. And no sexual jokes while we are there." I had said to him, but all he did was giggle to himself, and smirk.

We had got into the car, and drove there. The car ride was silent, except that Yuuki couldn't stop laughing. I seriously think he needs help, but I'm very curious to see what he is thinking.

Yuuki's P.OV

We had arrived, and I paid for our tickets, and our socks. She had already gone out to the where all the trampolines were, and started to jump. I had went towards were she was at, and looked at her. She looks like a little kid.

"(Y/N), Can you do one of those toe touch things...you know like the cheerleaders?" I had asked her. I had a joke in mind for this one, if she can do it.

"Yes, Yuuki I can." She had jumped once, and did it. When she had landed on her feet she turned at me.

"Can you spread your legs like that in bed?" I had asked her, and started laughing so hard. She started to blush because the people around us was looking at her.

"Yuuki!! That's embarrassing." She stated looking down at the floor, and blushing.

"Sorry babe, it was really funny though." I had told her.

"Okay it was..I guess." She had said.

We continued to jump around like little kids, she did her flips, and jumps, and I made my sexual jokes, and laughed. We had so much fun, until our time was up. I didn't want it to end, but it had too.

We got back in the car, and I looked at her before I started the car.

"Did you have fun?" I asked her raising one eyebrow, and grinning at her.

"Yes, I had fun Yuuki. We need to do this more often." She had stated.

"Yes, I think we should". I agreed with her.

I started to drive us back home. I bet the cat is missing me right now, needing my attention. And not the cat at home ;)

We arrived at the house, and I opened the door, we took off our shoes, and sat down on the couch, and she did the same as me.

"I think the cat missed me" I had told her.

"Yes, the cat did." She had said. She is so oblivious to everything. I started to giggle, trying to hold back the laughter

"You know (Y/N), I'm not talking about Oliver." I had started to laugh. I was waiting for the impact of her hit, but instead she sat on my lap.

"Yuuki, I knew what you meant, and I meant what I said." She had said into my ear. I had started to blush. She isn't usually like this.

She started to suck on my neck, and kiss down my chest. She was using one of her hands to rub my stomach. I don't want her to be the dominate one, so I grabbed her, and went into the bedroom. I laid her body down softly onto the bed.

I had got on top of her, and started to kiss, and suck on her neck, leaving love bites. I slowly crept my hands into her shirt making her shiver a bit because of my cold hands. I had started to kiss her soft lips, and It was a passionate kiss, but it turned into a rough one. Our tongues swirling around each others, and I bit on her bottom lip softly, but she wanted more, and pulled me even closer to her. If possible.

" Y-Yuuki." She had moaned out my name, which made me want her even more.

(Time-skip...Hehehe, sorry guys, I didn't want to make this chapter super long)

After our "Battle", we had cuddled up next to each other, and looked at each other.

" Yuuki, I had fun. This has to be one of my favorite moments with you." She had smiled at me, and I smirked at her.

"Then why not make more?'' I grinned , and I yelled out "ROUND 2!" Loud enough so the neighbors can prepare their ears.

A/N: I did the time skip of the sex scene because I didn't want this chapter to be so long, but I'm so sorry guys, SO SO SO SORRY!! Please don't kill me, or come to my houses with torches, and knifes like the purge. I might make the sex scene part in a different one-shot. A one-shot specifically for Yuuki, and the reader, and made for the sex scene part. IDK yet.

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~Till we meet again~

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