Hiro X Reader (Nocturnal Bloodlust)

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Hiro X Reader (Nocubura) Lemon

(Y/N) P.O.V

"Hiro~," I cooed. I walked in the house coming home from work. Today was a long, stressful day. I was walking around in heels all day, making my feet hurt. I was having to help other people in the building, since they aren't good at cooking recipes. Working at a 5-star restaurant in Tokyo as a chef, and waiter wasn't the best idea I've had.

I walked into the bedroom, and saw Hiro laying on the bed. He kept flipping from channel to channel trying to find something to watch. He saw me walk in, and turned the television off. "Hey baby, it's late," he spoke to me. "Yeah I know. I had to work overtime, since the chefs didn't know how to cook the steak," I told Hiro shaking my head.

I changed into a long t-shirt of Hiro's, and just wore my panties. I hopped in bed with Hiro, and sat on top of him while he was laying down. "I just need some sort of stress reliever," I said quietly. My hands were rubbing up against his bare chest. He eyed me down, and wrapped his arms around my waist.

"Well," he began, "I can be your stress reliever." I looked up at him, and laughed a bit. "Really Hiro? Is this your way of having sex with me?" I questioned. He looked away, and shook his head. "No, sex is always a good stress reliever." I sighed, and leaned down towards his ear. "If so, then give me all you got~," I whispered. He snapped his back, and brought his hands to my face, smashing his lips onto mine.

The kiss was heated, and full of passion. Hiro slipped his tongue into my mouth, making sure to not miss a spot. He gently bit down on my bottom lip, and smashed our lips together again. Our tongues dancing around each other. We were being quite rough with each other, but neither of us seemed to care at the moment.

He pulled back, both of us panting for air. His eyes burning with lust looked into my lust filled ones. He then brought me closer to him, and started to suck on my neck. His tongue would swirl around the are he was working at. Occasionally biting down softly. Moans were starting to fill up the room. "Mmm~ M-more Hiro," I moaned out. He suddenly stuck to fingers into my mouth.

I started to suck on the fingers seductively. I would work my tongue around them to get them nice, and coated with my saliva. Hiro was still leaving love marks all across my neck, making them very dark, and visible on my skin. The feeling was so good, and it took me away from the though of having to work.

Hiro removed his fingers from my mouth, and removed his mouth from my neck. he picked me up by my waist, and made us switch positions. He was not on top, while I was below him. He wasted no time, and started to kiss me again. But what happened next surprised me. He stuck his hand down my panties, and started to finger me with the two fingers I had recently prepared for this. "Mmm~ Ahh, H-hiro," I moaned into our kiss. A smirked had made it's way onto his lips.

"Does this feel good~," He had asked me. I nodded my head, not able to say anything. The moans were so loud, making it hard for me to talk properly. The way he worked his fingers in me made me go insane. He started to pump them in, and out at a faster pace. He also started to become more rough with them as well.

"H-Hiro, I'm c-close~," I was able to moan out. He started to pump his fingers deeper, and faster in me. My legs started to twitch the closer I was getting towards my limit. He continued to pump his fingers into me, until I released my juices all on his fingers. He smirked at me, and pulled them out.

He licked his fingers seductively, cleaning them up. I was panting for air, trying to catch my breath. Hiro was about to get under the covers, but I had stopped him from doing so. He looked at me, waiting for an answer. "L-let me pleasure you," I panted out. I smiled at him to let him know I was being genuine. He laid down on the bed, while I had gotten on my knees beside him.

I pulled down his pants slowly, and then his boxers. His penis was already hard, and was twitching just a bit. I wanted to tease him a bit, just so he can have an amazing session, since I had such a good one because of him.

I wrapped my hand around his penis, and started to gently stroke it. I was moving at a slow pace to make. I wanted to hear him beg me to go faster, and put my mouth around it. I looked at Hiro facial expressions, as I was doing it. He was biting his lip holding back a moan from me. "I want to hear you beg for me~," I whispered softly. His eyes closed shut the slower I went. "Come on Hiro~ It's just me here."

"Ahhh, (Y/N) please move faster," he finally moaned out. I started to stroke my hand up, and down his penis at a faster pace. I decided I was done teasing him for now, and gently put my mouth around the tip of his penis. My tongue swirled around the tip, while my hand was working the base of his penis.

He groaned as I started to move my mouth down further down. I started to take in his length. I have no gag reflexes because of this man, so I was able to take in more. His penis hitting the back of my throat caused him to start moaning. "Like that (Y/N)," he said to me. He bucked his hips forward making his penis go down deeper. I pulled my head back, and stroked it with my hand.

"Mm, enjoying I see," I teased him. He nodded his head, and brought his hand to the back of my head. I opened my mouth, and allowed him to control my head movements with his hand. He made me take in all of it, making my eyes roll to the back of my head. Geez Hiro, such a greedy little shit he was.

His penis was hitting the back of my throat, while he moving my head at a faster pace. "(Y/N), I'm s-so close~ K-keep g-going please,' he said nicely. Just because he said it nicely, I continued at the pace I was going. This time I was in control again.

I bobbed my head up, and down his cock, making sure to take it all in. Hiro's hips bucked twice in a row, and his cock started to twitch. I pulled my mouth back, and opened wide for him to release. Which he did.

His sperm was in my mouth. Some of it was dripping down my chin. He sat up from the bed, and lifted my chin with his index finger. "Swallow," he demanded. I swallowed his seed, and opened my mouth to show him I had followed his command. "Good Girl~," he told me.

We had laid back in our bed, not even bothering to put on clothes. We got under the covers, and cuddled up to his warm chest. I closed my eyes, and he wrapped his arm around my waist, pulling my body even closer to his.

"Told you this would be a stress reliever," he told me before closing his eyes to relax for the rest of the night.


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