Ruki X Reader (The Gazette)

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Ruki X reader (The Gazette) Fluff

Ruki's P.O.V

"The new girl singer is coming today," Kai had said to all of us. That's right. We needed a girl singer to do the high notes that I couldn't hit. Kai, and Aoi held the auditions for the singer. They said they had found the perfect singer for us. And they even said she was a pretty girl. Edgy, but pretty. Edgy girls had never been my type, but Aoi loves them. However, Aoi said she's more fitting for me.

Me? Are they really trying to set me up with just anyone at this point? Honestly, I'm content with it just being me, and Koron. But the guys think I need a female companion. Whatever, I guess. She's going to be here in about 20 minutes, so I need to set up for her.

I had set up the microphone, and made sure that everything was set up perfectly. I had cleaned up our studio, since it was mess. Reita is always dirtying up our studio. I threw trash in the trashcan, and picked up the random things on the floor. I wanted the place to look presentable for her. At least for her first day here. After the first day, she should get the swing of things.

"Ruki, go downstairs, and greet the new girl. She's here," the lady who works the receptionist office spoke through the intercom. I looked at everyone in the room, and they all smirked at me. "Hope you two hit off, Aoi had spoke. Reita had started laughing at his remark. "Shut up you idiots. I'm just her guide for the day." I rolled my eyes, and slammed the studio door.

I took the elevator downstairs, and saw her sitting in one of the chairs in the front. I started to have second doubts about what i was saying. I might like edgy girls, at least after seeing her. Her outfit was pretty extreme, but I liked it.

She was wearing fishnet tights, with some distressed, black,  knee high socks over them. She had garter belts attached to them, and some leather shorts. She had on a black, sweater crop top, that showed a bit of her belly. The sweater was a bit distressed as well. She also had on some calf high, leather boots with buckles all over them.

Once she noticed me, she smiled, and stood up. She grabbed her plaid backpack from off the chair beside her, and walked up to me. "Hello I'm (Y/N). And I'm guessing your Ruki," she giggled. "Yes I am R-Ruki. Shall I show you our studio?" I stammered across the right words to say. "I would love to know what I'm working with." I smiled, and lead her to the elevator. As we waited for the doors to open, she spoke up.

"You know Ruki, Your cuter in person." I had blushed at her little comment. "T-Thank you (Y/N). The guys said you were c-cute as well," I stuttered. "Ha, Really ? I'm not that cute. I'm just your average girl living in Tokyo, trying to make a living as a musician." I wanted to tell her she was cute, but my words didn't want to come out. The doors to the elevator opened, and we wen in together.

We waited until we were at the last floor, and walked out. I had led her to the studio room, which was down the hall. This whole floor was dedicated to us. But she needed to know where the studio was. I opened the door, and all the guys stopped to look at her. Kai blushing a bright red, and Aoi trying to act sexy with his guitar.

"Guys this is (Y/N)," I spoke out loud to them. "How can I forget such a face," Aoi walked up to her, grabbing her chin with his index finger. She blushed a bright red at his gesture. "Alright hands off Mr. Pretty Boy." I pushed Aoi away from her. "Aww I was just having fun chibi-san," Aoi retorted. I sighed, and led her to the recording room, where I spend my day at.

"This is my personal recording room. While the guys are out in the studio's lobby, waiting to get to work, I'm in here writing usually. The guys each have their own space to record, and compose."

"Really? The band I sung for, we all shared a space. I did the singing, and writing in the room with them. I also did the composing, and producing in the same room." My eyes widened in amazement. She does all of that? Wow this girl is amazing. "Yeah pretty cool. You get to work with me. So this will be our space," I spoke. I walked over, and out my song on the stand. "The music is already composed, we just need to sing. it together."

"Wait, we're singing together Ruki?" She questioned me. "Yes, we are singing together. This is a duet, if you don't mind." She nodded her head, and waved her hands out in front of her. "No it's okay. I just don't think my vocals are up to par with you," she spoke quietly. "It's okay. Aoi, and Kai must've choose you for a reason."

"Well they did like my vocals, and screams."

"You scream too," I tilted my head in confusion. She nodded her head. Wow okay, so much talent in one person. "Alright we should record now." I turned on the music for us, and gave her a set of headphones. "I highlighted your part in blue, mine in yellow, and our part in green." She nodded her head, and started to sing.

We sung in perfect harmony. It was like our voices were meant to be together. The song was more of a sad, love song. I had based it around never being able to find a person to love. As we sung the song, we made eye contact  with each other, I could feel the connection between us. The spark. It was an amazing feeling to have her singing with me.

As the song slowly ended, we'd gotten close to each other, and when the song ended, we kissed. The kiss was filled with love, and not much lust. Our lips matched each other's perfectly. Her soft lips against mine was such an amazing feeling. I pulled her closer to me, wanting more of her addicting kisses. I felt like I was high. It was amazing.

Once we pulled away, the song stopped completely, and the guys started clapping. We turned out heads to see the guys all watching us. Aoi turned on the microphone, and spoke through it. "Told you you'd fall for her." I gave Aoi a death glare, wanting to punch him for ruining the moment.

"Umm. . .Girlfriend?" I was not good with asking people out. It's just a weird feeling for me.

"I'll be your girlfriend Ruki. If. . .You'd be my boyfriend?"

"Of course i would." I pulled her into a gentle hug, not wanting to let go. I found my soul mate after all these years of being alone.


A/N: Not sure if this counts as fluff, but. . .hey! I tried. So, I was thinking of doing a meet the author chapter. Would you guys be interested in that? BTW: I tend to space out as I write, so if the story seems weird, it's because the minutes I start writing, I space out somewhere else lol.

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