Gackt X Reader (Ex. Malice Mizer)

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Gackt X Reader

(Very short, since this idea was meant to be short)

(Y/N) P.O.V

"Ow, Ow," I say out loud, wincing in pain. I had stayed out a little longer in the sun then I was supposed too. But because of the sun's strong ultra-violet rays, I ended up sunburned all down my back, and on my feet. What the hell did I do to deserve this type of pain ! I'm just an innocent 25 year old girl, who typically stay in the house watching Netflix, eating ice-cream, and drowning my sorrows in a pillow

But the one day I try to get some exercise, I end up sunburned. Great. Just great. "Cursed this fuck land I walk on," I screamed out in the streets. Every step I took hurt. All I wanted to do was go to the store, get some Aloe Vera gel, and go home to eat ice cream and watch documentaries on 'Keith ape' How bad is that ?

After a painful walk to the store, I finally made it. I walked in, and the air soothed my back. It felt so relieving, that I didn't want to move. I wasn't going to move, but the store clerk had said something throwing me out of my thoughts.

"Välkommen," the clerk said. I looked over my shoulder, and saw a Japanese man, probably middle-aged, speaking Swedish? I waved at him in confusion, and continued my search for the Aloe Vera.

Alright, where the hell could the Aloe Vera be? It has to be in here somewhere. I searched frantically down the aisles, until I finally found it. The Aloe Vera in its sweet bottle. I had never felt so happy about Aloe Vera in my life, I literally kissed the bottle in my hand. "Oh thank god, I'm going to cover my back with you," I spoke to the bottle like it was a baby. I did get looks from the people in the store, but I didn't care.

I walked up to the front desk, and put the bottle down on the counter. He scanned the item, and waited for it to go through. "325 yen please," he spoke. I gave a 500 yen coin, and smiled at him. "Excuse me sir, but why did you speak Swedish to me earlier?"

"Well, I like to widen my abilities," he smiled. He seemed like some rich guy though. Not the type working at a store. "Umm. . .Why are you working at a clerk ? You don't seem like the type to work at a place like this?" He only laughed. "Well, to cover my identity." was his only response.

He reached down to grab a bag for me, and put my bottle of Aloe Vera in it. He had printed out the receipt, and went to give it to me. But he dropped it on the floor. He bent down, and grabbed it. It took him awhile to get it though. I wonder why?

He handed me my receipt, and smiled at me. "tack så mycket. ha en bra dag!" Luckily I know Swedish to know that that means, 'Thank you very much. Have a good day." I smiled, and ran out the door. "Home sweet home !"


"Ahhh relief." I stretched my arms out, and sat down on the couch. I had put the Aloe Vera on my back, and feet. I felt the relief when doing that. I grabbed the receipt out the bag to look at it, but I noticed some writing on it. I flipped the paper open, and my eyes widened at what was written.

"I'm Gackt, let me be your sugar daddy, here's the number"

I smirked, and pulled out my phone. Looks like I struck gold !


A/N: Told you it was short. Umm. . .I need to work on my Swedish and Japanese, so I might through it in here. But, I'll give translations for you all. I hope you liked it. I got bored, and wrote this. (I have no friends to talk to, which is why I can update frequently ;) ) Also, this was supposed to be funny, but my sense of humor isn't great

BTW: the reference made about 'Keith ape' in the beginning was due to my obsession about watching interviews with him in it lol (He's a Korean Trap Rap artist )

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