Yoshiatsu X Reader (DADAROMA)

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Yoshiatsu X Reader

A/N: I love Dadaroma so much! I had to pre-order their new album that comes out in June :) This was a request, so here it is XD

Yoshiatsu's P.O.V

I finally talked Y/N into watching horror movies with me all day, and night. She really doesn't like them as much, but as  long as I'm with her, everything should go smoothly. I decided that we were gonna watch all the saw movies first, since those are my favorite.

While she was preparing the snacks, I decided to scare her a little bit. I ran into our room, and did my makeup just like Billy the puppet, since she hates him a lot. I waited for her to sit on the couch, and wait for me.

She got a blanket from out the closet, and went back into the room to sit down. I ran behind the couch, and slowly started to move towards her. I touched her shoulders, and said "Do you wanna play a game?" She jumped up as fast as she could. She looked like she was gonna punch me in the face.

"Why would you do that to me?" She started to fake whine, and she buried her face into the pillow.

"Aww...I just wanted to have a little fun with you before we start the day." I replied to her, rubbing her back softly.

I removed my makeup, and got on the couch with her. I kissed her forehead, and began to talk to her.

"Horror movies aren't real, well most aren't, but we are watching the saw ones, and he isn't real, but if you get scared, just cuddle with me." I gave her a reassuring smile, and started the movie

( Time-skip brought to by dadaroma's new album XD )

(Y/N)  P.O.V

"Yoshiatsu, I'm scared."  I stated to him. We are now watching the 5th saw movie, and this one is creeping me out.

" Its okay babe, I'm right here." He had told me with a smile. He was really enjoying this horror movie night, I think we should do this more often.

As I was getting ready to say something to him, on the screen, the person was brutally murdered. I snuggled my face into his chest because I was so scared. I never really like all the scenes with the blood, and guts.

"It's okay babe. Its just fake, not real." He was trying to calm me down.

"It looks so real though, makes you wonder sometimes." I had mumbled because my face was still buried into his chest.

"Nobody was really killed on set babe." He began laughing.

"I know that, but its scary." I had spoke softly, since my face was still buried in his chest.

"Don't worry, like I said, I'm right here. Nothing's going to get you. I promise"

We continued watching all of the movies. It was almost midnight. My brother was supposed to come over, and pick up his package, but I guess he isn't coming.

"Can we watch 2 more movies, and then we can go to bed." Yoshiatsu asked me. He was giving me those puppy dog eyes, I couldn't say no to those.

" Yes, we can. What 2 movies do you wanna watch?"

" Lets watch Unfriended, and the Gallows." He had said with a creepy smile on his face.

"Sure." I've heard those movies weren't as scary.

Yoshiatsu's P.O.V

We were watching unfriended. It wasn't that scary. One girl drunk a bottle of bleach, a guy stuck his hand in the blender, and another girl turned the curling iron on, and stuck it in her mouth.

Y/N didn't look so scared. I was relieved. The last thing I want is her not being able to get her rest, since she has to style out outfits for the video shoot tomorrow. She is a damn good fashion stylist though.

I started to hear footsteps in our hallway. I looked, but there was no one there. I started to feel breathing running down my neck. I though Y/N was playing tricks on me, but she wasn't. I started to feel uncomfortable because I was hearing things. I thought it was nothing until....


"AHHHHHH!!!" We both screamed, but Y/N did something unexpected. She punched the person who creeped up behind us. She was kicking them, but they was laughing. I grabbed Y/N off of them to realize that it was her brother.

"Ughhhh... Don't scare my girlfriend like that. She almost killed you, and I almost did too." I told her brother was laughing.

"Relax. I came to get my package. I was gonna get it earlier, but I left work late, and traffic was terrible, so I knocked on the door, but it just opened, and I realized you guys was watching horror movies, so I decided to scare you guys."

"Ughh..your a terrible big brother." I heard Y/N say to her brother.

"Thank you little sis, but I have to get going." He walked out the door, and Y/N didn't bother to even finish the last movie.

She changed into her night clothes, and I did too. We got in the bed, and I cuddled with her.

"Cuddle with me closer" She had spoke very softly. I did as I was told, and pulled her as close as possible to me.

"We can do this again, but you have to cuddle with me like this every time we watch horror movies." She had said putting her head onto my chest.

"Then let's watch horror movies everyday, so we can do this everyday."

" Deal." She had spoke before she dozed off into a deep sleep.

A/N- I hope you enjoyed it. I always feel that watching movies with the person you like/love is always fun. Most of my stories are like that. XD I like horror movies, but the saw movies always freak me out. :X

This was a request, and I was happy when she requested me to do this because I love dadaroma wayyyy too much XD. Who else is ready for them to drop their album on June 15th 2016 . XD I AM!!!!

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~ Till we meet again~

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