Motoki x Reader (Smileberry)

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Motoki x Reader

Motoki's P.O.V

(Y/N) isn't home yet! I'm always complaining she works to much. She works way too hard. I hate playing with the Lego's by myself. I had more fun playing Lego's with her. I just continued to build whatever it was I was making. I heard the door unlock, and jumped up as fast as I could to get my girlfriend.

"Motoki!" I heard her call my name. I ran down stairs, and hugged he. I picked her up bridal style, and led her to our room.

"What are you doing." She giggled as I was walking up the stairs.

"We are going to play with Lego's!" My voice was filed with excitement. I will make her play Lego's with me!

"Okay Motoki. I'm really tired though, so can I take a nap?" She gave me her puppy eyes, and pouted.

"Alright fine, but in 2 hours we will play." I place her on the bed, and set the alarm 2 hours from now. Since it's 2 p.m., we will play at 4 p.m.

I laid down next to her, and cuddled her into my arms. Her skin is so soft. She placed her head on my chest, and she fell asleep. I started to feel myself get tired too. I closed my eyes just to rest them, but ended up falling in a deep sleep.

*Beep Beep Beep*

I roll over to turn the alarm off. Geez, I hate alarms, but they help wake me up in time. I saw (Y/N) slowly lift her head up, and she yawned. She stretched her arms out, and looked up at me.

"What time is it?" She asked me. I looked over at the clock, and saw it was 4:02 p.m.

"It's time to play with Lego's!" I jumped out of bed, and I stepped on a Lego as I tried to make my way over towards where the Lego's are.

"OUCHHH!!" I shouted. She got up, and went towards me to kiss my forehead,

"It's okay Motoki. It's just a little Lego." I folded my arms, and grabbed the bag with thousand of Lego pieces in there.

"That's a lot of Lego's you got there." She told me. Of course, she is the one who brought them.

"Okay, what did you want to build first?" I asked her. She was thinking about it. I kept looking at her waiting for an answer.

"How about a house?"

"Ahh, Yes! We can build a 2 story house, and add a yard too!" I was so excited to build this.

"Yes! Well, let's get started." She picked up a few pieces of Lego's, and we began working on the house.

"What color should the house be?" I never thought about it.

"What about blue?" I asked her.

"Yes! That would be nice."

We continued to build the house. She was working on making a mini fence, and I was working on the 1st floor of the house. I'm so glad I found someone who can put up with my childish ways. I randomly hugged her casing us to fall over on the floor.

"What's this for?" She giggled. I kept looking into her (E/C) eyes.

"I love you (Y/N)! I'm happy you can put up with my childish ways." She smiled, and kissed my cheek.

"I love you too Motoki. The only reason I can put up with it is because I can be childish, and also your not always childish." She smirked at me. I smiled at her, and kissed her lips.

"Let's finish building our Lego house!" I got up off of he, and began to continue working on our Lego house.

She finished the fence, and then she helped me finished the first floor. We decorated the living room, and the kitchen together too. We began working on the second floor. I kept getting distracted by her beauty.

"Motoki, why do you keep looking at me?" She smiled, and  was snapped back into reality.

"Sorry, I was entranced by your beauty." She laughed, and place a Lego piece down to make the floor.

"Oh, stop with the cheesy comments." She was blushing, but laughing.

"Nope. I won't. I will continue for however long I want."

"Then, we can't play the game I want to play." She pouted.

"What game?" I asked her. She never mentioned playing any game with me.

"You will see." She continued building the second floor of the house. I continued to help her. I wonder what game she wants to play. Maybe monopoly, or....No don't think that way Motoki. She might be talking about a board game.

We finally finished our beautiful, 2-story house, with a beautifully done yard. She clapped her jands together, and jumped into my arms.

"Yayy! We finished Motoki!" She was so happy that we finished. I mean, we sat there for about 2 hours trying to build it. It was 6 p.m. now.

"Yea, I'm glad we finished it." I kissed her lips gently, and she jumped down from my arms, and dragged me by my wrist.

"Let's eat, and then play the game I want to play." She dragged me downstairs, and he cooked Pizza.

"Are you gonna tell me the game (Y/N)?" I asked, while finishing up my first slice of pizza.

"Let's just say...It involves Me, and You, 2 rounds, and maybe 2 hours of our time." She winked at me. Ahh, I get it now. I smirked back at her.

"Alright let's play!" She grabbed me by my wrist, and dragged me to the room. Oh, the fun that's going to happen.

A/N: Updated !! I don't know why, but I always end my stories kind of the same. I don't know. This was also short because I still have to update my other book today ^^.Should I do a Ruki x Reader, or should I do a Kyo x Reader. Let me know, or just request your own if you want. I really don't mind ^w^

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~Till we meet again~

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