Hizaki X Reader (Jupiter)

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Hizaki X Reader

(Y/N) P.O.V

Today me, and my best friend Hizaki are going on a road trip. We wanted to go to many places around Japan to sightsee, and attend lives. He also has a few performances scheduled as well. So not only are we doing that, but he is performing at some lives. The original plan was he was going to go on tour for about 1 month, and then we were gonna go on our road trip after, but we both decided to do it, while he was on tour, since it was more covenant.

The only downside to this plan though is...Hizaki won't really have much time to sightsee with me. Since he is on tour, he has to help prepare, perform, and get on the road the next day to go to another place. Every place we go to, he has only 1 free day to hang out, and sightsee, maybe even go to a concert with me.

Right now, we were at his house, packing for the road trip. He has to bring a lot of stuff, so we rented a bigger car to fit all his stuff. By a lot of stuff though, I mean his clothes. He has tons of big, fluffy dresses. I don't even own 1! But because his dresses are so big, he has to bring almost 6 bags full of clothes. Don't forget the bags that contained his makeup, and hair stuff. I swear, he is more on the girly then me, but I love my best friend for that. Because he is so girly, and I'm more on the not-so girly side, it makes us one. I guess opposites attract.

"(Y/N), I'm almost done, I need to grab one more bag, then we can leave." Hizaki yelled from the other room. "Okay Hizaki." I yelled back, and went into the kitchen to get something to drink. I opened his fridge, and all that was really in there was water, and lemonade. I grabbed the container of lemonade, and poured me a glass, chugging it down before Hizaki walks in the kitchen.

"Alright (Y/N), everything is packed. Now I just need you to help me carry these bags to the car." Hizaki was rubbing the back of his head, making a forced laugh come out after saying that. "Okay, well let's get this stuff in the car." I went towards his bag, and picked one up. 'Man, they are heavy.' I thought as I was carrying 2 bags to car.

"Why are these so heavy? It's like I'm carrying around a bag of weights." I said, throwing the 2 bags into the trunk. "Well you see (Y/N), those dresses are made using lots of different fabrics, and materials, so putting them into bags makes them heavier." He said carrying 2 bags himself. I walked back into the house, and grabbed 2 more, putting them into the car.

Once we were all finished, he got into the passenger side of the car, and I got into the drivers side. My stuff was already into the car, so we can just head onto the highway. I grabbed the keys from my pockets, and started the car, driving off. Hizaki was wearing a hoodie, his favorite skirt, and some sandals, while I was wearing a hoodie, black jeans, and my combat boots. 'We are 2 different people.' I thought to myself as I headed onto the highway.

Hizaki was already asleep, and we'd only been on the highway for an hour. We did talk a little bit about what we wanted to do first in Tokyo. Since he has to perform first, I just told him I will be out in the audience watching, and then the next day we can go shopping. Which is a bad idea to take him shopping, since he has enough clothes as is.


We were in Tokyo, and Hizaki was helping his members, and staff set up for tonight's show. Since this show is supposed to kick off the live, it was going to be a big crowd, but luckily, I automatically get front row because of Hizaki. I sat down backstage, and I was watching him on the TV screen backstage. They were doing sound checks.

As I watched though, I couldn't help but smile at him. I started getting this weird feeling in my stomach too, but not a sick feeling in my stomach. It was weird, since I never had this feeling with nobody. I've been getting this feeling though with Hizaki lately. Maybe I...Love him? But we've been best friends for years. Why would I just now get these feeling?

Before I could contemplate what's going on, Hizaki burst through the door. This was his dressing room I'm in. He smiled, and walked towards me. He had 2 dresses in his hands."(Y/N). Which one should I wear?" He asked me. I thought about for a minute, and I pointed at the red, and white one. It was very Victorian like, and had many detailing's of flowers on it. It had a corset part attached, which gave it it's Victorian look. He smiled happily, and went into the back to change.

Once Hizaki was done, his makeup artist came back here, and di his makeup, while the hair dresser did his hair as well. I just sat in a chair next to him, watching as he went through his transformation. It's amazing how beautiful he is. He is beautiful with, and without makeup. I think I actually love him.

The makeup artist, and hair dresser left his dressing room. It was just the 2 of us in here. He does have to go out on stage in an hour, so I have my chance to actually tell him about this new feeling for him. I took a deep breath in, and out.

"Hizaki?" I called his name out. he looked at me, and smiled. "Yes (Y/N)" I took another deep breath, and went for it. "Hizaki...I think I love you." He looked at me, and giggled. "Of course, your my best friends, why wouldn't you?"

"No, I mean...I love you more then a friend." His eyes widen in shock. I don't blame him though. I would be shook if my friend just came out like that, and confessed to me. Hizaki gotten closer to my face, and...kissed me. I wasn't expecting that reaction out of him. He pulled back, and looked me in my eyes.

"I love you too." he said. My eyes widened at him. "Do you mean it?" I asked him, my hands rubbing together because I'm nervous. "Of course, I really mean it. Let's date." He grabbed my hands, and intertwined our fingers together. I smiled, and nodded my head. "Alright. I will date you." I kissed his cheek, and he looked up at the screen. "You better go out there, the show is gonna start."

"Alright Hizaki, and again...I love you."

"I love you too."


A/N: Requested story. I hope you enjoyed. I'm kind of running out of ideas for one-shots, so please bare with me people. I just need some inspiration.

~Till we meet again~

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