Aoi X Reader (The gazette)

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* This one is going to be more tame. My recent ones. . .well haven't lol Enjoy!*

(Y/N)'s P.O.V

"Aoi~ I'm bored," I whined at Aoi. Aoi was so into his video games that he wasn't paying me any attention. It was making me angry. All he did today was playing his stupid video game with his stupid band mates. He see's them almost everyday, so why does he even have to cut into our time alone with those retards. Ugh. . .Aoi !

"Ruki stop using cheats, and play me like a man," Aoi yelled into his microphone at Ruki. I threw my body back onto the couch wanting nothing to do with Aoi at the current moment. I just sat there with my arms crossed watching him play whatever game he was playing. He is pretty good I will admit, but that's because he plays everyday.

"Aoi !" He paused his game, and looked at me. "Yes darling?" I made a pouty face at him to show him I was mad at him. "You never spend time with your fiancé, and it's making me sad Aoi," I said in a childish tone of voice. He wrapped his strong arms over my tiny waist. "I'm sorry baby, Ruki wanted to test his skills with me today, so he can beat Reita in the next round."

"But Aoi. . .What about me," I had questioned. His eyes looked into my (E/C) ones. "I promise to spend more time with you, just right now, I can't." His soft lips kissed mine. He pulled away, and un-paused his game to continue playing with Ruki. Immediately he started screaming at Ruki. "Your never going to be Reita like that." I sighed, and slumped my shoulders. Damn it Aoi, If you aren't going to show me any attention, I'm going to have to distract you, so your attention is all on me.

Or better yet, embarrass you in front of Ruki. Maybe you'd stop playing video games as often as you already do. My lips formed into a smirk, and I looked over at Aoi. His attention was all on out huge, flat-screen television. Not even noticing the smirk I have on my face. Oh man he was going to get it. "Aoi, my superstar~ I'll be right back. I'm getting kind of cold."

"Alright love. I am too. Bring one for both of us Please."

"Anything for my superstar~" I got up off of our black couch, and went into our bedroom's closet to grab the giant blanket in there. I grabbed the stepping stool from the closet, and stepped on it to reach the blanket. The blanket had came down, but I had also fell with the blanket as well. Damn me, and being short.

I had took off my shirt, and wrapped my body around the huge blanket. I walked out of the closet, and back into the living room. I sat down on the couch, and gave Aoi some of the blanket. "Thanks love," he spoke to me. "No problem. Any thing for you, superstar~" My eyes darted to the television, watching him beat Ruki in the game. My hand had slowly slid it's way to Aoi's crouch. He had jumped a bit, but continued playing the game.

I gently started to rub on his crouch. He tried o ignore my hand, but his penis was saying something else. He was becoming hard the more I rubbed on him through his pajama pants. I smirked, and continued to do so. This time I started to rub a little harder. "R-Ruki, I'm s-still winning," he manages to spill out to Ruki. "Are you alright man?" Ruki had asked Aoi. "I'm alright. Just stubbed my toe, that's all."

Stubbed his toe? Oh, now he was going to get it. I slid my hands down his pants, and started to stroke his penis slowly. He was holding back moans, trying not to embarrass himself. His hips had twitched at my movements. I took that as a sign to continue. My thumb has slowly grazed the tip of his penis. I started to move my thumb slowly. "Mhmm~," he moaned out loud. "Aoi?" Ruki had said through the mic. "Dude, your making some weird noises."

"I'm okay Ruki. Just e-enjoying kicking y-your ass," he had covered up. I smirked, and started to move my hand faster up, and down the shaft of his penis. My other hand had roamed up Aoi's flat, toned stomach. His skin was so soft like always. "Aoi~," I whispered his name in his ear. "I wanna play~" Aoi had rolled his lips together, trying to focus on his game.

My hand then started to move faster, if possible. My hand still roaming his toned stomach. "Aoi~ I know you wanna cum, just do it already~" Aoi was holding back his loud moans from me. "Stop holding back baby~ Let them out. Show Ruki how naughty you are~" Aoi had started to lose control. His free hand was now groping my breast now.

"Yeah Aoi~ I like to play like that," I whispered softly into his hear. I bit down softly on his ear lobe, my hand still rubbing him gently. "Aoi dear~ Just come on my hand already," My breath was now onto the sensitive part of his neck. "K-keep goin," Aoi breathed out. "Good boy~" I started to suck on the sensitive spot of his neck. "Mhmm~ right there(Y/N)," Aoi moaned out loud.

"Aoi? Man your weird I swear," Ruki had said to Aoi. Aoi didn't respond back. He was enjoying my saliva on his neck. The way my teeth would every now, and then graze the skin on his neck. I left a huge hickey on his neck. "Aoi~," I cooed. His hips bucked upwards, and he couldn't suppress his moans anymore. "B-babe, I-I can't.." Aoi had cummed in my hand. I pulled my hand back, and started to lick the cum off of my hands.

"That's it," Aoi had spoke. "Ruki, I'll see you in the studio tomorrow. Aoi threw his headset down on the couch, and turned off the game. He picked dup my tiny body, and started to walk to the bedroom. "You wanted play darling, well let's play~"


Next day


Aoi's P.O.V

I walked into the studio the next day. Everyone was already there, while I was the last one to walk in. I opened the door to the recording room, and say everyone warming up. I put my guitar case down, and started to take out my guitar. Ruki had walked towards me, and turned me around.

"Oh, that's what happened last night," Ruki had spoke. I looked at him weirdly trying to figure out what he was talking about. "Ruki what are you talking about?"

"This." Ruki had pointed to the love marks (Y/N) had left on my neck, and chest. I put my hand behind my head. " see.."

"No excuses Aoi. Let's practice now. I won't bother you today."

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