Kai X Reader (Killaneth)

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*My innocence level is slowly decreasing as the stories go by but this was a request, so enjoy*

Kai's P.O.V

My girlfriend should be home any minute now. She's been working so hard lately, and she deserves something in return. She get's up in the morning, and cooks breakfast for the both of us. She also makes us lunch to eat while were both at work. She works for 8 hours, then comes home to cook dinner, and clean up around the house. Of course, I help make sure the house is clean so she doesn't have much to clean when she gets home, but sometimes I end up staying at the studio longer than I expect too, so she usually waits for me to get home before she goes to bed.

I had already made dinner for the both us. I cooked Ramen, since that's the only food I know how to make from scratch. I also brought us some expensive wine to drink. It's not everyday you get to drink expensive wine. I had the table set with the bowls, and food ready. I lit some candles around the house to set the mood for tonight.I don't just plan on having a romantic dinner with her, I want to do more then just that.

I heard the door unlock, and I immediately jumped up from my seat to greet her at the door. I ran to the door, and the door slammed open. She almost hit me with the door.

"Hey Kai," she greeted me at the door. I kissed her on the lips, and greeted her back. She slipped off her shoes, and put them on the shoe rack by the door. When she walked through the hallway, her eyes widen at what was planned out just for us. "Kai, did you make all this?" I nodded my head, and she brought me in for a hug.

"Let's eat," I said, pulling her chair from under the table. She smiled at me, and sat down in her chair. I went towards my seat, and sat down in the chair across from her.

"You made ramen?"

"Yea, I also brought some wine." I lifted up the wine bottle from the table showing her. While she poured the ramen into the bowls, I popped open the wine bottle, pouring the wine into separate glasses for us.

"This is so nice of you Kai. Thank you." I started to blush like a little girl at her compliment. "This is nothing. It's just nice to do this for you every now, and then," I responded back to her. She smiled, and we began to eat our ramen.

The ramen turned out better than I thought. I actually made something taste good! I was very proud of myself. The wine also tasted amazing! I mean it should since I spent a lot of money on it.

I picked up the bowls from our table, and put them in the sink. "I'm going to take a shower," (Y/N) said, getting up from her chair to start her shower. I ended up washing our dishes, and putting them away for us. While I waited for her to take her shower, I went into our bedroom to watch TV.

I heard the shower turn off, and my attention went towards the bathroom door. She took a little longer than I expected her too, but that's fine with me. It took her awhile before the door opened, and all the steam from the bathroom came rushing out of there. She walked out with just a bra, and underwear on. My jaw dropped at how amazing she looked. She smirked, and started walking towards the bed.

"Are we doing this, or not?" I nodded my head so quickly, and pushed her down on the bed, making sure I was hovering over her. I took my shirt off so fast, and used one of my hands to keep her wrists together. I immediately began attacking her neck.

"Someone's eager," She spoke. I was sucking on her neck, every now and then biting softly on the spot. I would lick the teeth marks that I occasional left, and move to another spot on her neck. Her moans were quiet, only because she is trying to suppress them from me. I bit down a little harder than I normally would making her gasp, and let out all her moans. I just took this chace to kiss her. I slid my tongue in her mouth, making sure my tongue hit every corner of the wet cavern.

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