Taka X Reader (One Ok Rock)

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Taka's P.O.V

"Taka! I'm bored. Let's do something."

My girlfriend (Y/N) is always bored really. She just can't sit still unless we are getting ready to go to bed. She still acts like a child, and likes to play child like games. But that's why I love her. She likes to relive a new childhood, since hers wasn't so good. Her mom physically abused her, and her dad emotionally abused here. Kids at school bullied her everyday. But once I met (Y/N) in college, I helped turn her life around by giving her chance to have a new childhood.

"Taka! I wanna play a game."

"What do you want to play my love?"

"Hmmm....Hide and seek."

"Okay. You hide, and I will go look for you."

"Okay, start counting, and no peeking."

"I won't, I assured my girlfriend, and started counting. We play this game very often. It's one of her favorites. She never got to play it as a child, so Introduced it to her. She found it really enjoyable, so we continue to play this game. I have to admit, I actually have fun playing this game with her. I can let go of all the stressful adult things, and be a kid again.

"19..20. Ready or not. Here I come," I shouted out. Our house is pretty big, so finding her will be tough. She is tiny, so she can fit into small spaces of the house.

First, I looked underneath the glass staircase in our house. She wasn't there. Then I went upstairs to our bedroom. I looked in the closet, under the bed, and in our bathroom. She wasn't in there either. Those are the main places she likes to hide, so where could she hide? I went downstairs, and started checking the kitchen. I looked in cabinets, and she wasn't there.

I heard a noise in the main bathroom downstairs. I walked to the bathroom, and heard the shower...running? Why was our shower running? I opened the door slowly, and steam comes flying out of the bathroom. I heard my girlfriend singing one of my songs in the shower.


"Dang it, you found me Taka." I heard her say from the shower. "Of course I did, the shower was running silly girl."

"Well, you were taking to long to find me, so I went in the bathroom to take a nice shower."

"Wait, this wasn't your first hiding spot?"


"Then...where was your first hiding spot at?"

"I was hiding at the top of our closet."

"I checked, I didn't see you!"

"I saw you thought." my girlfriend smiled at me. "How did you get down here so fast though?" I asked her.

"Easy. While you were peeking under the cabinets in the kitchen, I ran into the bathroom."

"Oh. Well I feel dumb."

"It's okay babe. I've gotten good at this game."

"Yea I see." I smiled at her, and she blushed. "Can you please wash my hair for me Taka," she asked in the sweetest voice ever?  I can't say no tot he voice.

"Alright I will."

"Also, what game are we going to play tomorrow Taka?" I thought about it for a minute before answering my girlfriend. "Tag."

"Oh, I love the game Taka! I love you so much. You actually play with me."

"Of course I do, It's fun. I love you more babe." I kissed the top of her head, before starting to shampoo it.


A/N: Short story, I know. I need to work on getting my other story done, since people have been waiting forever for chapters on that one. When my schedule frees up, I will start taking request again, but not right this second. Hope you enjoyed this cute little story here ^^

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