Tsuzuku X Reader (Mejibray)

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Tsuzuku X Shy!Reader [Lemon]

Tsuzuku's P.O.V

"Tzk~ I don't know how to feel about this." My love spoke to me in a soft, quiet voice. Her body was exposed to me. Just for my eyes only. She had on a lacy, dark red bra with matching panties. She had on some black, knee high socks with red bows on them. Attached to the knee highs were black garter belts with spikes on them. And my favorite part of the costume was her cute red choker with a black bell, and a chain for me to tug on her with.

It was perfect. Yet she's such a shy girl, she doesn't want to show me that amazing, perfect figure of hers, which makes me sad. She was on the floor, sitting on her knees like I told her too. Her hands were in her lap, while she looked down at the floor. I had the chain in my hand, like a master normally does.

"Come my kitten~ Don't be such a shy girl now," I spoke softly. She stood up, her legs close to each other as she walked. She used her hands to cover up her cleavage from the bra. Her eyes never left the floor.

Once she had gotten close enough to me, I pulled her body as close to me as possible. I moved my lips towards her ear. I bit down on her ear lobe softly, making her shiver a bit. "Good girl," I spoke into her ear. My lips had planted a soft kiss on her neck. That gentle kiss, had soon turned into a rougher one. Leaving a mark on her soft skin. Her body shivering as I started to move my lips closer to her face.

I kissed her jaw, then her cheek, and lastly her lips. I peeked her lips, then pushed my lips against hers roughly. The chain still in hand, I wrapped my arms around her body. Her arms slowly making their way around my neck. Her lips were soft, and felt nice against my own.

I bit her lip softly, asking for permission to go further, but she declined my simple request. I pulled away just a bit to talk to her. "My love~ Stop being a shy girl, and let me in." She shook her head a 'no'. I had pulled away, and pulled on her chain making her follow me to the edge of the bed.

"You will now get a punishment for being disobedient my love." Her body tensed up at my sudden change of demeanor. I understand my love is such a shy girl. But a simple kiss request shouldn't be an issue. Right? I went through my bag of 'supplies', and pulled out my paddle. This might teach her to obey me.

I sat down on the edge of the bed. I bent her over across my lap, making sure her nice, round butt was exposed to me. I rubbed her butt with my hand, before spanking her with the paddle. Her legs twitched at the sudden rush of pain. I smiled, and hit her  again, this time a little harder.

She moaned out my name loud, making me happy. I sat her up, and made her look into my dark, brown eyes. Her face was turning a hot pink. She tried not to look me in the eyes, but I gave her no choice. My self-control was slowly running out. I wanted to just throw her body against the bed, and show her who her master is. But I didn't want to startle her.

My head moved down to her neck, leaving love bites all on her neck. I moved down towards her stomach, and left a couple there too. Her moans were quiet, she was clearly trying to suppress them to not be to loud. 

I pushed her down onto our bed, and hovered over her body. My hands roamed her body, just gliding down her soft skin. My hand had moved towards her panties, and slowly started to pull them down. She covered her face with her hands, blushing a bright red. I pulled her hands away from her face, and kissed her lips.

"No need to be shy~," I said quietly. I had completely taken off her panties by now. I brought my fingers to her mouth, making her suck on my fingers. Her face turned a bright pink, and she started to suck on my fingers, lubing them up with her saliva. Her tongue swirling around them occasionally.

Once I felt that it was enough, I took my hand away from her mouth, and inserted one finger into her vagina. She had made a cute moan at the new feeling. "Mhmm~, Tzk~" I smirked when she called my name.  My one finger had just been going in and out of her. I felt that she was ready for another. I then inserted 2 fingers this time.

"Tzk~," she moaned out. Her face full of desperation, and pleasure. She wanted more, but I know she wasn't going to say it out loud to me. I had continued to finger her in a scissoring motion, before I added in a third finger. Her back arched, and she quietly made a small noise.

Once I felt she was ready, I grabbed a condom from the dresser. I took off my leather black pants, exposing my penis to her. She blushed red, and covered her face with a pillow. I took the pillow from her, and threw it on the floor. "Babe~ It's okay. It's just my penis~" I smirked, and slipped on the condom.

I brought her body closer to mine. Her legs spread just for me. I slowly inserted the tip, making her moan quietly. She bit her lip, and watched as I inserted in more of my penis. Once I was in all the way, her back arched in pleasure. "I want you to say you want me, can you do that for me," I had asked her. She shook her head a 'no'. "Then I guess we will stay like this." She bit her lip contemplating if she was going to say.

"T-Tzk~ I want you," she said quietly. "How much do you want me?"

"I want you b-bad~"

"How bad?"

"Really bad Tzk !~ Just do me already~" I was satisfied with the answer, and started to move. I thrusted my hips back into her, roughly, earing a loud moan. I moved at a decent pace, before she said something that even shocked me. "M-More~ H-Harder Tzk~" Since she asked so nicely, I moved at a faster pace.

My hips hitting her soft skin, her moans echoing through the room. The sound of skin slapping on skin filled up the room. All of this goin on once, set the mood. The smell of 'sex' was in the air. This was love. I loved this girl more than anything.

"Tzk~ I-I'm close~" Her face was a bright pink, and her breathing had speed up. I started to move even faster, if possible. Her moans getting louder, and louder as she was getting close to wanting to cum. Then I started to feel myself reach my limit as well.

"(Y/N)~ I'm almost there too," I managed to say. I was running out of breath right now. I moved faster, and rougher.

"~Tzk, I'm. . ." She couldn't even finish her sentence, she had cummed already. I roughly thrusted into her a few times, before cumming as well. I had collapsed on the bed next to her. I took off the condom, and discarded into he trash can next to the bed.

"I had fun, let's do that again sometime," I said to (Y/N). Her face turned pink, and she cuddled up against my skin. "Maybe Tzk~" She said, before closing her eyes to sleep.

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