Aoi X Reader (The Gazette) Pt. 2

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She pressed her lips against mine. I responded back to her kiss, and wrapped my arms around her waist. She put her arms around my neck, and deepened the kiss. I licked her bottom lip asking for entrance, and she opened her mouth slightly allowing me to slide my tongue in her mouth. I explored her mouth using my tongue, making sure I didn't miss one spot, or corner. She allowed me to take dominance over her.

'I've been wanting to do this for so long,' I thought to myself. ' This was the moment I dreamed of for 3 years, but I never had the courage to make the first move. But now that she's made the first move, I have a chance with her.'

She separated from the kiss, leaving a trail of saliva from our mouths. She looked at me with lust filled eyes, and a burning passion was probably running through her system. I pulled her closer to me, and she looked down.

"I didn't know you felt this way about me too," She spoke softly. I mean, I didn't know she felt the same way about me either.

"Well now you know." I pressed my lips against hers again. She wrapped her arms around my neck, holding on to me. I moved my mouth down towards her neck, and started sucking on her neck. She started to make tiny moans, as I was doing my work on her neck.

"A-Aoi..This feels nice," she moaned out.  I made a smirk, and continued to suck on her neck. I would swirl my tongue around the area occasionally, causing her to gasp every now and then. I nibbled at a certain spot on her neck that caused her to moan very loudly. Good thing we don't have any neighbors near by, or I'm sure they would've heard us.

I left love bites all across her neck. Which all the guys are probably going to see tomorrow, but it's none of their business about what's happening tonight.

I slid my hand up her shirt quiver at the touch of my cold hands. I used my index finger to make circles around her stomach as I worked my way up towards her breast. I continued on working my magic on her neck. She had her eyes closed, and her hands wrapped around my neck tightly. Her fingernails digging into my shoulder blades slightly.

I felt the underwire of her bra, and slid passed it groping her right breast with my right hand.

"Ah-," she moaned out, but her voice got caught in her breath causing her to make silent moans. If just doing this drives her that crazy, imagine what will happened if we do make it to third base.

I started to play with her right breast. Squeezing it slightly, and playing with her nipple with my index finger, and thumb. We both were enjoying ourselves at the moment. We didn't care about anything else right now. The only thing on our minds was each other. The sensation she was getting from me causing her mind to make circles. Her moans making me want her even more. I wanted to just throw her on the bed, and make her moan out my name as loud as she could, but I have to take this 1 step at a time for our well-being.

"Aoi," She called out my name to get my attention.

"Yes love?"

"Let's go in your room." I nodded, and picked her up. Her legs wrapping around my waist, and arms still wrapped around my neck. I walked up the few steps in my house, and opened the door to my room. I shut the door using my foot, and slowly put her down on the bed with me hovering over her.

I continued what I was doing with her when we were in the living room, except this time I stripped her of her shirt, and bra. She shivered when the cold air hit her, but that made her look like she was so innocent, when in reality she probably isn't.

I started to move my mouth down from her neck. I would slowly drag my tongue to her chest, but then bring it back up towards her neck to tease her a bit. She would moan in frustration at what I was doing. She took her hand, and guided my head towards her breast. I smirked at her action, and I started sucking on her right breast, while my left hand played with her left breast.

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