Misery X Reader (Megaromania)Pt. 1

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* I really love megaromania <3*

Misery's P.O.V

"Maybe this live you get to meet your dream girl. You never know Misery." Sui told me, before walking out onto the stage. I sighed, and got my guitar ready for me to run out there on the stage. I started to realize something few months back, I haven't had a real girlfriend in years. And the thought of that has been depressing me. I want a girl who looks at me for more than the fame and money, but for my personality.

"Misery, your up." The stage manager knocked me out of my thoughts with that. I took in a deep breath, and ran out on the stage. The crowd made so much noise, as I jumped around in joy and enthusiasm to hype up the crowd. I had to just wipe away my thoughts, and enjoy this live with my band mates.

(Y/N)'s P.O.V

I saw Misery run out on the stage, looking as beautiful as ever. He was so beautiful, and the man of my dreams. He might dress girly, but that doesn't change him. He still is as happy, and enthusiastic as ever on stage. I sat very close to the stage on the side where Misery is. I didn't care about anyone else, except him and his guitar playing. He looked so much prettier in person.

I was jumping around enjoying the music, and Misery reached over the stage to allow his fans to touch him. I tried to get as close to him, but some fan girl knocked me down. I fell straight on my butt. I was getting ready to get up until I saw a hand reach out for me. Misery was out in the crowd, and trying to help me up. I took his hand, and our eyes locked. He winked, and jumped back on stage to continue playing his guitar.

Misery's P.O.V

I reached out towards the crowd to get a better look at my fans, and make them happy. I was looking at everyone, until I saw a girl push down this helpless girl. I jumped down from the stage, and moved the other girl out of my way. I reached my hand out for the girl to take. She looked up at me, and our eyes locked. She was beautiful. She looked stunning in fact. She grabbed my hand, and I helped her up. Her hands were very soft, and warm. I winked at her, before getting back on the stage.

I hope she takes that as a hint as something. I continued playing, while the rest of my band members smirked at me. Sui especially wouldn't let it go. He kept smiling over at me, and winking. The fans took this as fan service, but it was just Sui's way of picking on me.

The rest of the live went on, and I couldn't keep my eyes off that one girl in the audience. Throughout the live, we locked eyes, and I'd smile at her, making her blush. I even allowed her to touch my guitar, while I played. She seems so different than the other girls I've encountered during lives. She doesn't seem desperate for my attention. If anything, I'm desperate for he attention.

(Y/N) P.O.V

The live was over, and it was amazing! Misery looked so good on that stage, and Sui's singing was so good. You can tell he's been working on his vocals. Hyoga on the bass was just...amazing! Don't forget about Chikage, and his guitar playing skills too. Misery, and Chikage are just amazing together. Also, Yushi was amazing at the drums. He is the newest member of Megaromania, since Leda left.

But now it was time for the meet and greet. I had backstage passes to go meet them. I also brought Misery a gift. I brought him some jewelry I made, a bottle of red wine, guitar picks, candy, and a business card with my fashion line. A girl's have to make it in this world somehow. Just saying.

I was currently waiting in the line to meet them. I was looking forward to meeting Misery more than anything. But without the other members, megaromania wouldn't be a band after all.

I was so close to the front. I was the last person in the line, since I have a gift. People with gifts have to wait a little longer, so the process can move a lot faster. I was so nervous to meet Misery that I started to shake a bit. Usually, I'm not so nervous to meet stars. But I'm such a big fan that I just don't want to ruin our meeting together.

Misery's P.O.V

There was just one girl left. Thank goodness. The girls were so desperate this live. I gotten so many numbers, that I gave all of them to Sui. He's the one who sleeps around, not me. The security guard called out the last girl. I prepared myself, just in case I have to give another phone number to Sui or Chikage.

The girl walked out, and it was the one who fell in the audience during the live. Sui nudged me, and I hit him in his arm. She first shook hands with Yushi, than Hyuga, Chikage, Sui, and lastly she went over to meet.

"Hello. Nice to meet you," I said to the girl, shaking her hand. "Nice to meet you too Misery. I brought you a gift," she said. She put the gift on the table, and I looked inside the bag. I brought out a bottle wine first, since it was the biggest thing in the bag.

"Your sharing with me, Chikage said out loud. The girl chuckled, while I reached over to hit Chikage upside his head. I pulled out some guitar picks, and smiled. "Ah, thank you for these. I needed these. I won't be throwing these out in the audience during lives."

I next went into the bag, and pulled out some candy. I dug deeper and grabbed some jewelry with a business card. The jewelry was well made, and looked expensive as hell. "Woah! This looks expensive, I can't accept this gift," I told the girl.

"No No. I made them myself. Please take it. I sell these at my store. I'm actually a visual kei fashion designer. I do more than visual kei of course. But it's the main thing I do." I stared at the girl with awe. Not only is she pretty, but she is talented.

"Can I ask you your name?"

"It's (Y/N)." I wrote her name down on a piece of paper, and passed her over the pen and paper. "Please, write your phone number down. I want to talk to you more." She took the paper, and wrote her phone number down. She slid the paper back to me, and I put it in my bag.

"I would like to invite you at my house some time this week. We can share this red wine, and I'll cook us dinner. I'll make sure these Idiots don't interrupt us." I pointed at the four idiots sitting next to me. She smiled at me. "Great. I would love to come over. Just call me, and I can free up my schedule."

"Okay sounds good to me," I responded. The security guard escorted her out of the room. Now it was just me, my bandmates, and the stage manager backstage. "Wow, you got a girl's number."

"Sui, shut up. I got plenty today. It's just this one seems different than the others."

"Yea she does. I wish I could've got my hands on her," Chikage said, as he stared off into space. "I'm actually glad she didn't get with an idiot like you." I slapped the back of Chikage's head. He rubbed his head, and made a frowny face.

"Alright guys, go get packing. You have a live tomorrow, and then you are off for the two weeks," our stage manager said to us.

I stood up, and went to my dressing room to change into some 'normal' clothes, and take off the hairspray and makeup. The whole time I was just thinking about (Y/N). I always told myself I wouldn't date a fan because they usually just want to sleep with me, and take my money. But this girl, runs her own business, pretty, seems independent, has manners, nice, and she probably has a nice house too. She won't be so dependent on me, which is what I like in a woman.

Let's just hope I hit it off with this girl, and make her my official girlfriend.


A/N- Hello ! Wow, I started writing again. If you guys read these, you should know that I have been so busy with school and bass lessons that I never have time to write stories. But my bass lessons have slowed down, so that's one thing off my list. School is still stressful as ever, but I do invest my time late at night into writing for you guys. I updated 'The Demented Circus' two days ago, so pelase go check that out if you are currently reading it. I will try to update more often for you guys.

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