Luvia X Reader (Canival)

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Luvia X Reader

A/N: I have a thing for smaller bands right now, so bare with me guys *laughs* I will be writing a lot of one-shots about j-rockers who are in smaller bands, since I can't find any. Enjoy!

(Y/N) P.O.V

I walk into the school early in the morning. There's students wandering around all over the locker area. Every kid in this school has a 'clique', meaning  kids categorize themselves with a group of friends, who have common interest, and basically bully other cliques because they aren't like them. The only kid who isn't in a clique is 'me'. I particularly don't care for a clique. They are dumb anyway.

Once the bell rings, I head over to my first class, which is math. I am basically the smartest kid in school, so kids bully me. They either bully me because I won't let them copy my test, or because I'm just 'Ugly'. I mean, I don't define societies beauty standards, but I'm not super ugly in my eyes, but apparently I am.

When I walk in class, I walk all the way towards the back of the class, and sit at the desk in the far right corner. I'm always early to class, and then the other kids walk in. They usually hang out with there cliques until the teacher walks in, but not today. They head over towards me, and my desk. I ignore them, and start sketching.

Recently, I have been making drawings for this one kid in class. He is really nice to me, and he actually buys my drawings. We don't talk as often, but when we do, he usually ask me to buy my drawings, or request a drawing. I usually accept, and draw it for him. I actually had a huge crush on him, since the first day he looked at my drawings. He was apart the 'clique' that consists of the 'cool' drummer kids. I think his name was Luvia.

He has dark purple hair, and quite a few lip piercings. He also has an eyebrow piercing, and many piercings on his ear. He also wears makeup, but it's always cool. Better then most girls in the school. He even has tattoos. I mean we are seniors, but I don't know how his mom improved of this, but I was knocked out of my thoughts, when a girl slammed her hand on my desk.

"Ooh~ What's the nerd drawing today?" She, and her group of friends surrounded me, making me feel uneasy, and uncomfortable. "Umm, it's just a drawing that a person is paying me for." I responded back to her question. She took a Sharpe marker, and scribbled on my drawing.

"Well, they aren't gonna want that trash anymore. If you let me cheat on your math test yesterday, I could've gotten a hundred, and passed, but you wanted to be a crybaby, and refuse me, so this payback." I kept my anger in check, but I had it with her. This wasn't the first time.

She's scribbled on my drawings in marker before, but it didn't bother me, since it wasn't nothing special, but this one. This one was for a boy I liked, so I took the marker, and threw it at the back of he head. She turned around, and got angry.

"Ughh, You whore. Your going to pay for this." She snapped open the marker cap, and went towards me. I grabbed her wrist, and her friends tried pulling me down to stop her. I almost gave up, but then I felt someone pick me up. I closed my eyes tightly, scared of what was gonna happen.

I felt the person put my on the ground in the hallway, and I heard the teacher ask what was going on, but the person responded back to the teacher.

"Every thing is fine. We just need a quick breather." That voice. It was familiar. It was Luvia's voice. I opened my eyes, and it was Luvia. I looked down at the floor, and he handed my sketchbook.

"I saw what happened. I didn't want to interfere, until I saw her come after you." I was shock. He even saw me throw the marker at her. I looked down in embarrassment.

"It's okay. Don't worry about the drawing. You can make it up to me." I looked up at him, and tilted my head to the side.

"How?" I asked.

"How about you be my girlfriend? I've been watching you...not in a creepy way." He threw his hands up, shaking his head, and I laughed.

"You don't know much about me though." He grabbed my hands, and looked me in the eyes.

"Your right. All I know is you are a talented artist, very intelligent, and your beautiful in my standards. That's all I need to know your the one." I blushed at his comment, and he pecked my cheek.

"So will you be my girlfriend?" I pulled him closer to me, and kissed his lips. Who would've thought that I was the one who went for the kiss? I pulled back, and tightened my grip on his hands.

"Does that answer your question?" I asked. He smiled.

"Indeed." He pulled me in for another kiss. It was nice, and lasted longer then the other one, but one of friends walked by, and hit his head with a notebook, causing us to pull away.

"You finally got her, I see." His friend said. I blushed, and he laughed.

"Yea. I told you was going to get her. 3 months later, and I got her." He helped me up from the floor, and grabbed my sketchbook.

"Let's go to class, and later you can come to my house, and draw that drawing for me." I nodded my head in agreement, and we went back into math class. I sat in my assign seat, and he moved a desk close to me, so no one will mess with me


A/N: I hope it wasn't too cheesy. I will be writing one-shots about smaller bands more, since I have a bunch in mind, so stay tuned for that. I hope you enjoyed this at least, if you read it :) It's 3:26 a.m. so this was kind of short, but I think better t night, so....

~Till we meet again~

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