Enishi X Reader (Stigma)

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Enishi X Reader

(Y/N) P.O.V

I was sitting with Enishi in his living room. He invited me over to cuddle, and watch movies, but something else came up. His band members called him, and asked him to write a song for their new album. I wanted this day with him all to myself, but the other members said they needed this done tonight, so they can get started on making the music for the song he writes.

"I know I promised to spend time with you, but I have to finish a song tonight." He got up from the couch, and reached out his hand to help me up from the couch.

"It's okay Enishi. I understand." He kissed me on the cheek, and my cheeks heated up, clearly blushing.

"Thank you (Y/N). Now let's go into my room." I followed him into his room.

He was sitting at his desk across from the room, and I was sitting on his bed, trying to watch TV. Every few seconds though, he would let out a frustrated sigh. In order for Enishi to write, he always needed some inspiration, but clearly he didn't have enough inspiration to write. Every now, and then, I would see him throw paper in the trash can. I felt bad that they made him write a song, and it has to be finished by tonight. I was starting to slowly doze off, but I wanted to stay up with him too.

I walked towards Enishi, and started massaging his shoulders. I wanted him to relax, and feel comfortable as he writes. Maybe this will help him get some type of inspiration. Even I know that you can't write anything good, if your under a lot of stress, and pressure.

"Baby, do you want something to drink?" I asked him. He put his pencil down, and turned around to face me. he sat me down on his lap, and he wrapped his arms around my waist.

"You don't have to do this for me (Y/N)." He smiled, but I shook my head at him.

"No, No. I insist. You deserve it anyway." I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pecked his lips. He kept pulling me back for more kisses, and then the last kiss lasted a little longer then the others.

I got up form his lap, and walked into the kitchen. I started to fix him nice, hot cup of coffee. While I was writing for the water to get heated up, I grabbed some strawberries from the fridge. I also grabbed some chocolate, and melted it into the bowl. I poured the chocolate sauce onto the strawberries, and put them in a bowl. I poured the coffee into a coffee mug, and put in some creamer. I also grabbed the whip cream out of the fridge, and set it down on the counter.

I grabbed the bowl of chocolate covered strawberries, and his coffee, and brought it into his room. I sit the coffee down onto his desk, and sat down the bowl of strawberries. He didn't even notice me set them down. I went back into his bed, and got under the covers. I was eating the whip cream, since I like it by itself.  I heard the rolling chair roll towards the bed, and Enishi looked at me, eating his strawberries.

"I didn't mean to ignore you. I was just really focused." He kissed my cheek, and I smiled. He motioned the strawberry that he was eating towards me lips. I opened my mouth, and bit down on the strawberry. I sat up with the whip cream bottle in my hand, and I put some onto my finger. I tapped his nose, and he had whip cream on his nose.

"Your so adorable!" I giggled. He smiled, and grabbed the whip cream bottle out of my hand. He put some into his hand, and rubbed it on my face. There was whip cream now on my whole face. I felt like a clown.

"Now you look adorable." He tried copying my voice, and laughed. I smirked at him, and he rolled back to his area. I let it slide this time, and I got out of his bed. I went into the bathroom to wash this off of my face.

Once it was all off of my face, I went back into his bed. I closed my eyes, getting ready to take a quick 30 minute nap, but before I fell asleep I heard him say something.

"Thanks to you, I have inspiration." I smiled, and made a 'yea' noise, since I was really sleepy, and I went to sleep, making sure to set my alarm for 30 minutes from now.

I heard my alarm clock go off, but I let it ring. I didn't want to get up from the bed. It was nice, and comfy. The pillows were nice, and soft. I felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. I wasn't gonna let an alarm clock ruin my zone, but someone else did instead.

"(Y/N), I'm done writing my story now." I rolled over to see him laying in bed, our face inches apart, but he broke the space between us with a kiss. It was a quick kiss, since I was just waking up from  nap.

"That's good baby. Now can we have 'our' time together." I rolled over on him, sitting in his lap, while he was laying down. He wrapped his hands around my waist, and I pulled him in for a quick kiss.

"Yes, we can have our time now."


A/N: Hey guys, so I have a small writers block. Explains why the story was short. I will try to update as much as possible, but I'm running out of scenarios, but I have so many different people to write about. I just don't know what to do really, but again, I will try to update as much as possible.

~Till we meet again~

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