Tsubasa X Reader (DIMLIM)

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*I was inspired by @harleyj99 so thank you for the inspiration girl *

Tsubasa X Reader

Another day of torture. I look up at the school's building, and sigh heavily. Honestly, school is supposed to be an environment for learning. High School is supposed to prepare me for college, and help me retain valuable information needed. However, school has turned into a jailhouse. I'm trapped here 8 hours a day, 7 days a week. Constantly being bullied for looking different. Teachers don't care anymore. They make us take notes, then boom ! Quiz time. What is school nowadays ?

It was raining outside, and I preferred rainy days. But I couldn't stay outside all day. I had to walk in school sometime. I closed my eyes for a minute, and stepped into the school doors. I closed my umbrella, shaking off any rain drops on it. The area where our lockers are lockers are was crowded with people. My locker was at the end of the last row, so I walked around the backside to avoid any crowds of people.

I opened my locker, and a rose fell out of it. How the hell did someone get a fucking rose in my locker? Besides that, I picked the rose up off the ground and stared at it for awhile. The pedals seemed fairly new, and the rose seems to be hydrated. The petals were a bright red, healthy. The stem was a dark green, and looked like it was recently cut off a branch. This must've gotten here this morning, since it's a new rose.

I put it in a side pocket of my backpack, and started digging for my chemistry book. Digging through the book, chocolate fell out. Chocolate ! How did this person know I like chocolate ? I picked it up, and inspected it. I opened the wrapper, and took a small bite. That one small bite made me feel like I was in heaven. He tasted like high quality chocolate from an expensive company. Who is wasting their time like this on me ? I smiled a little, and grabbed my chemistry book, before closing my locker.

The bell ranged, indicating we have 5 minutes to get to our first period class. I rolled my eyes, and walked to class. Everyone was rushing to get to their class, but I didn't see the rush. This school isn't that big, and all the classes are close to the lockers so that we aren't late to our class. But overdramatic people make situations seem way worse than what they really are. Gladly, I'm not one of those people. Otherwise, I would shoot myself.

Walking into class, I sat down at my desk. I sat in the back of the class, since being center of attention isn't my thing. I put my books down on my desk, and open to the page number on the board. Seems today we'll just be taking notes, highlighting stuff in our book, an assignment, and then homework. Great. It's always like this in chemistry.

The class was filled up with loud whispers, and lots of pens writing on paper. I wanted to finish early, so I just took the notes needed, highlighted it, and I finished my assignment. Finishing my assignment, I started digging through my pencil case for a new pen when two girls walked up to my desk.

"Hey, you finished. Let me use your sheet to finish mine." She tried taking the paper off my desk, but I slapped her hand as she reached for it. She seemed offended, and I'm glad she does. You don't take people's shit without their permission. "You bitch," she screeched, almost bursting my ear drums. "You are going to let me copy of your paper you whore, or so help me. . ."

"Or what ?" I looked up fromt he desk, and saw a classmate of mine standing behind her. I believe his name was Tsubasa. He was actually one of the cuter boys in school, who everyone loved. I'll admit, he's cute. But he sure won't ever go for me.

The girls seemed a little scared now. They just walked away from my desk, not even speaking a word after that. "I'm sorry you have to go through that," he spoke to me. "No, it's fine. I've learned to deal with bitches like them," I responded. He sat down next to me, and smiled. "My name is Tsubasa, and you are (Y/N), right?"

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