Koudai X Reader (Royz)

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Koudai's P.O.V

Tonight was the night of a heavy thunderstorm. The winds were blowing hard, making trees fall down. The rain was heavy, and the roads were slippery. Their wasn't really anyone outside in this weather. It was actually quite dangerous to be outside right now. The thunder was loud, making car alarms go off in the middle of the night. Lighting would strike the ground, but nobody has gotten hurt.

My girlfriend was laying in the bed sleep. Earlier, she was freaking out over the loud sounds of thunder. (Y/N) is terrified of thunderstorms. I was able to calm her down enough to put her to sleep. I hope the sounds don't wake her up, or I'm going to have to try and comfort her again.

I couldn't sleep through thunderstorms though. I enjoyed the sound of the rain hitting the window, and the ground. I loved that it was quiet in the streets, usually the streets are busy at night. I also don't have practice tomorrow, so It was a nice night for me. I could stay up all day, and watch the storm go by. I also have to stay up in case (Y/N) wakes up from her sleep.

She was adorable when she slept. She would take up all the space in the bed though. When were sleeping together, she ends up rolling on top of me, and we sleep like that throughout the night. But I'm sitting in the chair next to the window, so she's all sprawled out on the bed. The covers were coming off her, and you could her little tiny baby snores. I thought they were cute, but she hates it.

A loud crack of thunder went off, and (Y/N) twitched in her sleep. I was worried she would start twitching. When she does that, she ends up waking up minutes after because she's scared. She's like a baby, but she's my baby. I'm always happy to comfort her when she is scared. I'm happy to be the person who gives her the sense of protection.

I got up form he chair, and moved (Y/N) over a little bit. I laid in the bed, and cuddled her to my chest. Her hand moved to my chest, and her breathing slowed down. She started to her little baby snores again. That means she's starting to fall back asleep, which is a good thing.

We stayed like this for a while, until a car alarm went off because of the hard rain. It was very loud, and (Y/N) started to twitch in her sleep again. I pulled her as close as possible, but I saw her eyes slowly open. It was 2 a.m., and I didn't want her to wake up. She will end up being up all night.

Her (E/C) eyes opened, and she smiled when she saw me. I smiled back, and kissed her forehead. "Go back to sleep baby. I'm right here," I told her. She got super close to me, and closed her eyes again. But that didn't last long. A loud thud woke her up completely. She jumped up, and I pulled her into a hug.

"Babe, I'm scared," she said. I didn't know what to do right now. I usually just cuddle her, until she falls asleep. But this thunderstorm is a pretty rough one.

"Let's go take a shower, and cool you off." I stood up from the bed, and picked her up bridal style off the bed. She wrapped her arms around my neck, and stuffed her face into my chest. I smiled, and walked to the bathroom. I shut the door with my foot, and sat her down onto the sink.

"Can you baby me today?" She asked me. I laughed, and kissed her cheek. "Sure, may I ask why though?" I responded. "Because, I'm lazy right now. And I can still faintly hear the thunder." She tilted her head to the side. I took her in the bathroom, since there is no windows in here. But I can still hear the thunder too.

I started the shower, and set the water to the right temperature for the both of us. I stripped down from my clothes, while (Y/N) was still sitting on the sink, watching me. I went over, and helped her take off her clothes. She wasn't joking around when she wanted to be treated like a baby.

She jumped down from the sink, and finished taking off her underwear. We both got into the warm shower, and just let the water hit our backs. We didn't make love in the shower like we usually do. Instead, I just kept her close to me. I just wanted to feel her skin against mine for as long as possible.

We ended up staying in there for about an hour, not moving from our spot. We did talk to each other, and I occasionally kissed her forehead. We finally moved away form each other, and helped each other wash our bodies.

I turned off the water, and grabbed a towel from the towel rack. I wrapped (Y/N) in the towel, and grabbed one for myself. I wrapped it around my waist, and picked (Y/N) up bridal style. I opened the bathroom door, and walked across the hallway to our bedroom. I grabbed her some underwear, and one of my shirts to sleep in. I also grabbed me some boxers. (Y/N) dried herself off with the towel, and put her underwear on.

Since I figure she wanted to do everything herself now, I went ahead and put on my boxers. When I turned around, (Y/N) was already under the covers. But the shirt I gave her, was still laying on the bed. I guess she didn't want the shirt.

I got on the other side of the bed, and got under the covers with her. Her body was cold, so I cuddled her next to me. She moved in closer, until she couldn't move any closer. She closed er eyes, and muttered some words, "Good night baby. I love you."

"I love you too." I told her back. This girl, likes so be treated like a baby. Or should I say princess? Well whatever the case is, I will treat her like a princess. I won't let her go, I'm hers and she's mine.


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