Nao x Reader (Daizystripper)

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Nao x Reader


Its a beautiful day out. The sun is shinning bright, but the worst part, its so hot!! Its like blaring hot outside. When its like that outside, I'm the most laziest person on earth. I never want to do anything, but I kind of want to go swimming.

"NAO!!!!" I screamed. He had the television up so loud. He watching Alice in Wonderland, but before that, he was watching mickey mouse.

"Whaa--" He basically whined like a little baby. I guess I was interrupting something special.

"Let's go swimming." I responded back to him.

"Fine, but after Alice in Wonderland." He looked so cute on the couch. He had his Mickey Mouse blanket wrapped around him, a glass of milk on the table in front of him, and a Carmel apple that i had made him in his hand.

(Le-time skip brought to you by....all the jrock fan service ^_^)

"Hurry up. Does it really take that long to put on a swimsuit." He yelled at me. He is so impatient. He is trying to walk out the door.

"We cant leave just yet, we have to put on sunscreen." I told him. If we don't put on any sunscreen, we are going to burn like toast.

He grabbed the sunscreen from under the bathroom sink, and ran back to the door.

"Got it." He said, as he was walking out the door.

"Make sure you got my mickey mouse floating device."

"Ughh...Nao, Its not called a floating device."

"Yes it is." He responded, getting very defensive. He got into the car, and waited for me to lock the door, and walk to the car.

Nao's P.O.V

"Hurryyyyy!! I'm ready to go." I had told her. I made sure I whined, so she can really hurry up. I didn't like the idea of leaving the house, but it's nice to get out sometimes.

She got into the car, and we began to leave. She wanted to go to the big pool that's a few blocks away from where we live. The pool is supposed to be huge, with a slide. I'm gonna feel like I'm in a Disney movie.

"We're here!" I told her. We got out of the car, and went to the front desk. All we had to do was sign-in, and before we leave sign-out, and pay.

"Okay Nao, we are going to stay for 2 hours, since this place is pretty pricey."

"Okay!" That was all I said. I ran towards the locker room, and took of my shorts that was over my swimsuit.

When I walked to the pool, I saw (Y/N) walk towards the pool too. She sat down on one of the chairs. She took out the sunscreen, and I ran towards her.

"(Y/N), can I put the sunscreen on you?" I asked her. I can help her get her back, since I know she can't get the sunscreen on her back.

"Sure!" She passed me the bottle of sunscreen, and I squeezed some into my hand. I began to rub it onto her back, when she started laughing.

"T-T-That Ti-tickles!" She couldn't stop laughing. Once I was done, she began to do her legs, arms, and her stomach. She did my back too, and we got in the pool together.

"NAO!! Don't splash water on me, or I'm gonna splash you." She looked at me. I smirked at her too.

"Do it then." I told her. I tried to keep myself from laughing. She frowned at me, and splashed me.

"Babe, I didn't think you had the guts to do it." I laughed after I said that. She splashed me again, and I splashed her back. This went on for about 5 minutes, until she got out.

"Where you going?" I asked her.

I'm going to relax for a bit." She responded. She walked to the chair, and leaned back in it. She closed her eyes, and I looked at the pool water.

I always wondered, what if I was just swimming, and I suddenly fell down the drain into the pool, and landed in wonderland. That's all I could think about. (Y/N) left me by myself. I just stared at the water until she looked got back into the pool.

"I'm going into the lazy river. Do you want to join?" She looked at me, and I turned my head to see the lazy river.

"Sure." I responded. We swam over to where they kept the "floatation devices". We had got  big one, so me, and her can be on one together. I got on first, and helped her get on with me. She had to sit on my lap.

"Nao, This is fun." She said to me. We started to go around for awhile, it felt like we was going around for 30 minutes.

"(y/n)." I called her name. She looked at me, but before she responded, I kissed her on the lips. It was soft, and gentle. It reminded me of a kiss from a Disney movie. It felt magical.

"I love you (Y/N)." I told her. I was serious when I said it. She has done nothing, but treat me the best.

"I love you too Nao." She responded, and kissed me again. We kissed for about 5 minutes. But she broke it off.

"Nao!! Its almost 2 hours, c'mon lets get dressed so we can leave." She had got off the float, and ran towards the chair with our stuff. I got off too, and ran with towards the locker room. I put on a shirt, and my short.

I walked out, and I saw (Y/N) paying for it. I didn't want her to pay for it, but she insisted. I walked toward her, and she started holding my hand. We walked out the building, and into the car.

"Did you have fun?" She asked me, as she was driving.

"Yes, Only because of you." I responded back. I saw her trying to hold back her blush.

"Y-you didn't have to say that." She responded, trying to pay attention to the road.

"Yes, I did need to say that because we don't do stuff like this everyday. I reached over, and kissed her cheek. She started to blush again, but focused on the road.

"Nao, I'm driving right now." She said, still paying attention to the road.

"Okay (Y/N)." I responded back to her.

A/N: I didn't update yesterday, so here it is. This was requested ^_^. Hope you enjoyed!

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~Till we meet again~

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