Sin X Reader (SiM)

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*Have you guys seen a pattern yet? I'm slightly obsessed with Sin & Mah. So I had to make a story about them.*

Sin X Reader (SiM)

(Y/N) P.O.V

"Okay class, that's it for today's lesson you are dismissed." My teacher dismissed our chemistry class for the day. After a long lecture on different elements, and reactants, we had partners picked for us to do a lab together. I hate doing group projects though. I always end up being the person who does all the work anyway.

However to make the situation worse, I ended up being paired with my crush, Sin. People always call him Sin because of reputation. I grew a crush for him last year, during an English class. He had asked me to help him with his essay, so I stayed after school to help him. Since that day, I realized how gentle he could actually be.

But since that day, I never really had a chance to speak to him again. He would say 'hi' to me in the hallways, but I would lower my head down into my jacket. If his friends saw he associated with me, his reputation would be dropped. Me, the science nerd of the seniors. I didn't want to be the cause of his reputation decreasing, so I hide.

I still had one more class to get through today, and then I have to meet Sin in the science lab, so we can do the main part of the project. I was already nervous, and I haven't went to my calculus class yet. I actually just left chemistry.

Walking down to calculus, I saw Sin going to the same class as me. We both ended up taking calculus. I put my hoodie over my head, and my face into my jacket, so he doesn't notice me. However, he did notice me. He sped walked closer to me, I cursed at myself for allowing him to see me.

He walked beside me, and elbowed my side. "Hi, (Y/N). Are you ready to work on the lab later?" He remembered my name? I'm a little shock at that. "Ummm. . . yeah. Seems like fun." He smiled, and he had gotten closer to me. "I promise I won't let you do all the work. I'll try to be of some help, even if I'm not all that smart," he spoke to me. He put his hand behind his head, and smiled awkwardly.

"Well, we have calculus class, so let's hurry." He grabbed his glasses from out of his backpack and put them on. I didn't know he wore glasses. I guess he usually wears contacts. While I was in thought about if he wore contacts or not, he grabbed my wrist and ran with me down to our last class of the day.


I had gotten to leave calculus early to set up our lab project. Luckily, I was able to set it all up in time, or I would have to have Sin help. Which isn't the best idea at the moment. He might mess up my set up. I am very picky about the way everything is set up, especially in a lab.

Sin had walked in, and put his stuff down on a nearby table. "Hi (Y/N). Ready?" He asked me. "Yeah I am. . .not you though." I handed him a pair of gloves, and safety goggles. He took them out my hand, and out them on. "Ah, right. Safety first!" I giggled at how childish he sounded saying that. But I hurriedly tried to cover up the fact that I had giggled.

"Okay, do you know what we are doing?"

"Uhh. . .Aren't we using some acid?" He scratched the back of his head, trying to remember what our teacher said exactly.  I slapped my forehead with my right hand. "Sin. . . we are working with Hydrochloric Acid," I spoke loud enough for him to hear me. "Ahh right." he snapped his finger, and stood next to me.

"Okay, before we mess with anything in the lab. We need to fill out this partner worksheet. Do you want to fill it out for us.?" I had asked Sin. "Yeah, I think I can manage." he grabbed the pen out of my hand and started to fill in our names on the paper. At least he can spell my name correctly. I give him props for that.

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