Kuina X reader (Royz)

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Kuina X Reader (Royz) [Fluff]

*Not sure if this fluff, it's honestly sad lmao. Enjoy though !*

(Y/N) P.O.V

"Leave me alone!"

I started to pack my bags, getting ready to go to my best friend, Kuina's house. He cheated on me again. Literally the third time this had happened. I'm so done with him. No more ! This time, I will listen to Kuina, and not go back.

I threw all my clothes, and shoes in a bunch of bags. My 'boyfriend' was yelling at me. Telling me not to leave him. But if he wouldn't have cheated, we would be in this situation. I ignored him, and continued to pack my stuff. I grabbed hygiene stuff, my makeup, everything ! Kuina keeps most of my stuff anyway, since this isn't the first time.

"(Y/N), it's 3 a.m., do you think Kuina is going to answer is door to you," my boyfriend said to me. I zipped up my bags, and picked up the backpack. "Yes he would. Now leave me alone." I put the backpack on my shoulder, and grabbed the 2 suitcases. "I'm done with you ! I never want to speak with you again."


"Don't (Y/n) me ! You did this to me. Delete my number, and block me on all of my social medias. I'm officially done with you." I picked up my phone from the kitchen counter, and dialed Kuina's number. Before I could answer, my boyfriend threw me against the wall. I dropped the phone on the ground, still ringing Kuina's number.

"Your not leaving me, put your shit down, and go to bed," he said harshly. I tried to break out of his hold, but he wrapped his hands tighter around my wrist. "Stop!" I screamed out. I started to cry. He sighed, and slapped me across my face. "Shut up," he screamed. "Stop trying to get attention." I looked up at him, anger filled eyes. I remembered that I had on heels, since they were the shoes I could slip on at the time.

I spit in his face, making him let go. I grabbed the shoe, and hit him in his eye with the heel. His eye started to bleed, and was now covering it with his hands. I hurried and grabbed my phone, and luggage. I grabbed the keys, and ran out the door. We lived on the 8th floor, so I would have to rush the elevator.

I pressed the elevator button as many times as I could, and it finally opened for me. I hurried in, and pressed the button to ground floor. I saw him chasing after me, I hoped that the door was close in time. Luckily they did. I sighed in relief, and slid down the elevator walls. I looked at my wrists, they were now bruised.

The doors opened, and I saw Kuina standing there. "Oh my god, (Y/N)." He ran over to me, and grabbed my bags for me. "Can you walk ?" I nodded my head, and stood up weakly. My legs were hurting from running down the hall with my heels. I limped tot he front doors, as Kuina walked ahead of me. He put my stuff in his car, and ran over to me.

"It's okay I got you," he said softly to me. He gently picked me up bridal style, and put me in the passenger side of the car. He buckled me in, and shut the door. Just as Kuina got in the driver seat, my boyfriend came running out with a bloody heel in his hand. Kuina hurried, and pressed on the gas. Luckily Kuina was able to pull out of the building.

The car ride was silent. I really didn't feel like talking, and Kuina was worried for me. I watched as the car drove pass tall buildings, and bright lights. It was a gentle breeze blowing from outside as he drove. I enjoyed looking at the sight in front of me. It had brought me peace.

"So, your not going back to him?" Kuina had questioned. I looked in his direction, and saw we were pulling up to his house. "No not after this," I answered his question. he smiled, and nodded his head. He parked his car in the garage, and had gotten out. I unbuckled my seat belt, and was about to step out till Kuina picked me up out of the seat.

"Please, let me help,' he said. I allowed him to pick me up. "We'll get your stuff out of my car when I wake up," he said. I nodded my head, and we walked into his house. He carried me up the stairs, and into his room. He gently put me down the bed, and took off my other heel. "I'll buy another pair of these ones, since they were your favorite." I smiled at him, and blushed. "Thank you Kuina," I said to him. He said nothing, but went into his drawer, and threw me a shirt.

"Here, you need something to sleep in." I thanked him for the shirt, and changed into the shirt in front of him. I honestly had no guilt in doing so. I will admit, Kuina is my best friend, but I've loved him since high school. But he never really noticed me.

"(Y/N) would it be wrong of me to do this."

"Do what Kuina?"

"This," he walked over to me, and cupped my face with his hands gently. His face inched closer, and closer to me until his lips had touched my own. His soft lips formed with my own. I didn't hesitate to kiss back. I wrapped my arms around his neck, and pulled him closer to me. I wanted to feel everything. His soft lips pressed against mine felt so unrealistic. I couldn't believe he was kissing me right now.

Kuina pulled away, and blushed. "Well, your not with him any more. Will you give me a chance (Y/N)?" he had asked me. "Of course Kuina, I never thought you'd ever ask me to be your girlfriend." He looked up at me, and tilted his head to the side. "Really? I always wanted to love you. But I never thought you'd give me the time of day.

"Well Kuina, you thought wrong. I'd give you every millisecond of my time if it was possible."

"Well now it's possible (Y/N)." Kuina scooted us back onto the bed. I was cuddled against his chest, and he had his arm wrapped around my waist. I closed my eyes, and listened to his heart beat. It was a nice sound that comforted me. "You know (Y/N), he began to speak. "I'm like the hero in our love story. I saved you from trouble like a prince." I laughed, and gently hit his stomach with my hand.

"Shut it Kuina," I said, trying not to laugh to hard. He giggled, and kissed my forehead. "Well you won't have to worry about me doing that to you. I love you too much to hurt you." I smiled, and snuggled closer to his warm body. "I love you too Kuina. Always have, and always will."

"Let's go get you those shoes tomorrow ? I don't have anything better to do."

"Really ? Well, If you insist then," I responded. He smiled at me, and kissed my head. "Get some sleep (Y/N). It's late." He turned off the lap on his side table, making the room become pitch black. "I will Kuina, and you too." He giggled, and pulled me closer to him.

"Don't worry about me. I will (Y/N) sleep tonight now that you are beside me."


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